Man and woman staring at each over a meal

When you take out someone you've met on Tinder, there's always the fear that they are only in it for some free food. 

That's just what happened to one guy on Imgur, but not everyone agrees with the extreme way he dealt with it.

Couple at sushi restaurant

The man explained that a girl on Tinder "superliked" him and they had been talking for a few days before he asked her out. She apparently insisted it be dinner so he chose a restaurant and they met there.

He was a little disappointed that she wore sweatpants, didn't look at him and ordered a $13 appetizer, but didn't think much of it. However, when she ordered a $25 steak and $22 crab legs, drank four $9 glasses of wine and only responded to his attempts at conversation with one or two words, he felt she was using him for the meal.

As things wound down, he excused himself to the bathroom and left the restaurant. 

Businesspeople with check at dining table

The woman has since messaged him a few times and called him some not-so-nice names, but his story has sparked debate.

While he has many supporters, others feel he should have paid for his part or just ask the waiter for separate checks. 

Be careful out there Tinder daters!

Photo Credit: Getty