And for my 10th opinion change on the Vikings and the eight spot I present this -- Texas A&M WR MIKE EVANS. Talked myself into it #92Noon today. Fingers crossed. While executing the draft-party show Thursday on Your Favorite Station 100.3-FM K-F-A-N I will champion the selection if he is available. Co-hosts PAUL CHARCHIAN, PETE BERCICH and BEN LEBER will disagree and predict a defensive approach or trade back.

No ... Mike Evans WILL sound better in FM.

I have put a lot of time of late into offensive players and have fallen in love with the kid. Big, strong, can jump ... needs to learn some come-back stuff but would be too good to pass at eight. He's a stud.

Yep, I have become infatuated with the team owning rights to Evans, JENNINGS, PATTERSON, PETERSON and RUDOLPH for years and into the new stadium in 2016. I know we need a long-term solution at QB, but eight or early in the first round is not where I want the team to dabble.

So, here is my updated list of preference for Minnesota and the eight:

-- I am okay with a trade back as long as it does not mean passing on Evans. Evans probably will not be there and may be selected by Oakland or Tampa Bay. But if he is he needs to wear our colors.

-- If Evans is gone work hard on a trade back from eight (Rams? Cowboys? Jets?) and work on defense while amassing extra pick/picks.

-- If trade back not in play at eight and Evans has been selected take JUSTIN GILBERT, the talented CB from OSU or ANTHONY BARR, the athletic-freak OLB out of UCLA. Even though I am not predicting stardom or a starting spot for second-year LB GERALD HODGES I did very much like what I saw at mini camp this week. One Vikes defensive starter whose opinion matters to me told me "He's going to be good."

-- Find your way to DEREK CARR or ZACH METTENBERGER for the QB fix. Mettenberger wasn't much two seasons ago but under the tutelage of former NFL OC CAM CAMERON he was as good as any last year and looks like a bonafide NFL 'slinger when healthy. Love his presence and think he's exactly the QB with whom OC NORV TURNER can win.

-- If Carr/Mettenberger not available take defensive guy at or around the 40 spot. BORLAND, VAN NOY.

This draft is so confusing and perplexing. How awesome would our offense be next season with a solid OL, CASSEL, Jennings, JARIUS, CP, AP and Evans? That will be a fun offense to call/watch. Seriously, the rookie is special and would take heat off our suspect QB spot.

Too, HC MIKE ZIMMER has done well all of his career taking good defensive players and making them better and working with mediocre talent and making it good. If we draft Evans at eight I trust he and the staff can coach up the new defensive players to help us become much better than last year.