All this KEVIN LOVE turmoil. Not super surprising but also a wonderful 'Abyss segment killer. Respected NY Daily News guy says his people told the Wolves he's out after next season. Our guy JONNY K of The AP wrote Wolves may be open to moving him by the draft.

I like many have felt for sometime the high-scoring, stretch PF will opt out following the 2014-2015 season, and I will not be mad at him. Many will but I will not be one. All these coaches, lack of direction, botched draft picks ... he gone!

Some other time we can analyze exactly what we are losing and whether it will totally kill the team, but (a) the Wolves would have his nearly $16 million to spend via free agency if the bit goes to the wire, and (b) might be able to cobble together a deal that provides the team with better defensive players and depth.

There are respected media outlets claiming PHIL JACKSON, who now runs the Knicks, is going to push hard for Love. Outside of CARMELO there's not a player on his roster worth anything close to Kevin's money, and I can't find two I'd take to add up to the number.

The Lakers are dead until the draft and free agency and have nothing. A deal for Love with Houston would put together Love, JAMES HARDEN and DWIGHT HOWARD, but other than CHANDLER PARSONS (who makes less than $1 million) I am not interested in many players on its roster.

Golden State? A swap of Love and BAREA for athletic PF DAVID LEE and 2G KLAY THOMPSON works, and having Love play with CURRY would be perfect for Kevin. I, however, cannot see Golden State letting Thompson leave, and I don't trust HARRISON BARNES enough to invest. I'd like to have DRAYMOND GREEN on my roster but am not sure how to include him in a deal.

Plus, Kevin and his reps would have to assure the buying team he'll re-sign there in long-term fashion. That could make the whole thing tricky.

The OKC has been my trading partner since I truly felt Kevin was leaving (almost a year). A deal for defensive-minded, shot-blocking PG SERGE IBAKA, PG REGGIE JACKSON and 2G JEREMY LAMB works, and I like it. Ibaka would be one of the most versatile player we have had since KG, and even though our scoring would take a major hit our defense, depth and toughness would increase exponentially.

With the Thunder Love would be re-united with college teammate RUSSELL WESTBROOK and would roll with KEVIN DURANT. He'd be the third option on a title-contending team and would keep OKC formidable for years. Not sure they could pay all three for the long haul, but for the now it sure looks/feels good.

Maybe after the NBA Draft Lottery tomorrow night we can analyze who has the top three picks and make a move with them. A top-three pick and some depth works for me.

This whole ordeal sucks. I always have pined to root for a team where Kevin could be the second option to a bona fide one. You know, like Steph Curry, who we could have had instead of JONNY FLYNN. Crap.