I need to settle into a consistent KEVIN LOVE-related opinion. I am topsy-turvy with the bit right now. I need a concrete take, have to stick with it and need to be right.

Opinion du jour this week has been he will not be traded by Draft Day and/or before the season, and FLIPNOSIS would prefer to have him on the team because (a) they are better right now with him and (b) it gives him more time to coerce him into staying.

My preference were I leading that covenant would be to put the onus on my motivational and coaching skills and a trust in myself to convince him to take 10s of millions more to stay here because we will be a playoff team soon.

To get there THE SPANISH KID needs to take a positive step, PEK needs to play almost all of the games, and the 13th pick in the draft we own has to be a game-changer and hope-seller. Hit big on that 13 and that will go a long way to convincing Kevin this place is on the fast track to success.

Now, if Flipnosis knows no matter what happens here he is gone, yeah, he has to be moved before the draft. But to do that Kevin's representation needs to let the team with whom we swap know Love will re-up there long term. That part bugs me and is why I feel we come from a bad leverage spot because Love is not going long-term deal with just any team.

Flip told BUMP last week the draft is at least 19 deep with rotation-type guys. To give somebody Love's stats and unique skill set from the four spot I need at least one of those selections and a rotation-type veteran. Yeah, I'd love to get the one card from Cleveland with 2G DION WAITERS and PF TRISTAN THOMPSON, and Cleveland actually might do something like that.

Love, though, ain't re-upping with the Cavs and only KYRIE IRVING. See, this end-all-take thing is tough with this Kevin Love ordeal.

The Knicks? Their roster sucks sans 'MELO, and he may be bolting to Miami. Even with Carmelo and Love the Knicks aren't winning the NBA title.

Whatever. I am suffering from Love-related fatigue and look forward to the day the bit is not a talker. If he stays here next year the team has an every-day distraction, and that sucks, too.

Gut feeling to close: Kevin Love doesn't want to be in this market anymore and probably feels a little guilty abandoning a market that brought him into the league and loved him. I'd keep him around until the Feb. 2015 trading deadline and work my ass off to win and keep him here. That's the take. For now.