The Vikings landed "Mr. Big Stuff" via free agency, and fans will love what former NYG DT LINVAL JOSEPH does for our defense. I am so elated by this blue-collar, team-game move.

Joseph weighs close to 330 pounds and triggered a bad loss for the New York Football Giants. He plays the FAT PAT DT spot and as shared here and via #92Noon was a player I desperately wanted on the team. Players like Joseph, the best NT on the FA market, keep offensive lineman off LBs, and Linval has a little pass-rushing wiggle to his game. He also is very good at recognizing screens and sliding down the line to jack with them.

This move helps in more ways than securing a legitimate run-stopping NT. While Joseph supposedly is very good at slowing cut-back runs he also is young and strong enough to command double teams inside, which means rushers like SHARRIF FLOYD, EVERSON GRIFFEN and BRIAN ROBISON can do their thing.

This FA move may not intrigue/satisfy Fantasy Football Nation like some other names floating out there but was key to improving many levels of the Vikings defense. There's still more to do but our DL is set into the 2014 season. Still need to tinker with the rotation DE spot and that can be fixed via the draft or FA, but we are better up the middle right now than we have been in years due to this signing.

Floyd is expected to improve in his second year and given he now knows the game and was a first-round selection much is needed from Sharrif to make this DT combo as good as Williams Wall. There was a time we hadn't allowed a 100-yard runner at home for several seasons and had one of the best run-stuffing defenses in the game. Because of that our pass defense was protected and better.

With Joseph and Floyd up front and HARRI THE HIT MAN on the back end we are strong MLB play from having the best up-the-middle defense in the division. This Joseph transaction, too, keeps bodies off OLB CHAD GREENWAY, who will have his best season as a pro next year because of it.