By admission I am not a Great College Basketball Mind. I look at the brackets and envision getting busted. I haven't scooped chips via NCAA Tourney pools since formulating the opinion those Gators would go back-to-back, and I got all the money those years.

I am not sure where to pick upsets, thought S.F. Austin was charged with defending the Alamo, not locking down rock-star offensive players and have had an opinion for a month I will ride until the end.

I selected the Wichita State Shockers to win it all and know they played a crap schedule against a bunch of non-tourney teams. The non-conference schedule doesn't look like much either, but after researching that quickly realized some of the game's big dogs didn't want them on their schedule. All good there.

Almost the exact same team went to the Final Four last year and lost a tight one to eventual champ Louisville, and this year I am predicting no bumps in the proverbial road and a NCAA crown. Let's play.

So, into the NCAA Tournament I have a title-winning opinion and that's about it. Here are 10 questions I cannot answer because I don't watch enough college 'ball:

(10) What happened to Syracuse? Injuries? This team was the cat's ass for most of the season and now is a three seed. Maybe it'll be CHRISTMAS in March for the Orange, but I might not pick Syracuse passed opening weekend.

(9) How far can Big East Player of the Year DOUG MCDERMOTT take this plucky Creighton team? CORY COVE of the Powertrip Morning Show calls him a blend of J.J. REDDICK, LARRY BIRD and MIKE DUNLEAVY, and if that's the case he's ready to lead this team to the Promised Land. I think he's bounced in the second game to either Baylor or TIM MILES.

(8) Is this a year a lower-seed upsetter runs the table? I believe no team seeded lower than third has won the tournament in like 17 years so that bit is dead.

(7) Is Arizona the best defensive team in the tourney? And does "defense win championships" play in the NCAA Tournament?

(6) Is it wrong to pull for FRED HOIBERG and ISU? Gophers BB fans feel the more in-state exposure he gets hurts recruiting around here for Minnesota. Maybe Fred doesn't want/need any players from this state? I am pulling for ISU to win the entire thing because Fred is one of the classiest people I have met at any level of sport. And this DEANDRE KANE is the kind of guard who can make it happen. Go Fred!

(5) Is Duke any good? Is this a Duke team that can win it all because COACH K hasn't housed the big prize since 2010 and only once since 2001? I am not in and have The Dukies losing to Michigan.

(4) Which Big 10 team will go farthest? I think MSU gets to the Elite Eight and is bounced by Freddie. The Shockers will take care of Michigan in the Elite Eight.

(3) Is Florida truly the best team in the land? I have no idea and have seen the team play five minutes all season. Word is the Gators like to run and defend. Good luck to all. I put them in the final game after chatting with a rube today.

(2) Can Louisville go back-to-back? Why not, RICK PITINO is the coach.

(1) Can NDSU led by SAUL PHILLIPS beat Oklahoma? After a five-minute sweep of game logs and stories and stuff the answer is absolutely. The hope here is 740 The 'Fan in Fargo has plenty about which to cheer this weekend.