I don't know, maybe TEDDY BRIDGEWATER can beat out MATT CASSEL and start the season for the Vikings. Maybe the kid QB will so wow the coaches he'll get the money when we head to St. Louis to crack open what I am hoping is at least a 10-win season.

I am not counting on it, though, and expect Cassel to be the one and Teddy to be his back-up. Cassel is better at this stage of the equation, and veteran OC NORV TURNER most likely will trust him more, at least from the outset.

So, what does that mean for CHRISTIAN PONDER? What are the chances he will be cut before we start the season? I bring this up because (a) I haven't heard anything good about him this offseason and (b) roster spots are so precious keeping three QBs is going the route of the flip phone.

Maybe a start anew would be exactly what Christian needs. He has talent but seems to have gone into a shell here. There's room for Ponder in the NFL, but maybe he has been beaten down so badly here he needs a new city to embrace his loving personality and skill set.

Given the team did not exercise the fifth-year option on his contract, signed Cassel to a two-year deal and drafted Bridgewater in round one it's not a stretch to feel the Vikings could enter the season with just two QBs. With undrafted players like A.C. LEONARD (TE) and ANTONIO "TINY" RICHARDSON (OT) garnering praise off rookie camp and OTA, again, roster spots are precious. We are deeper than we were last year, and that's a good thing.

I am just speculating here but will be monitoring the vibe all offseason.