The NBA Draft is tonight, and it's always a wonderful watch for those who dig the game. The Kansas Center has myriad injuries and will drop like our temps in December. The Creighton Sharpshooter might go to Charlotte, which desperately needs perimeter scoring, but THEGREAT M.J. may be scared to take him after whiffing on ADAM MORRISON.

Philly holds two rock-star picks and gets NERLENS NOEL next season and can bring back excitement to that market by going bang-bang.

Louisiana-Lafayette PG ELFRID PAYTON is the best defender in the draft but shoots bricks and cannot hit free throws. The NC State Kid is a dynamic scorer but not much else. FLIPNOSIS compared him to ANTAWN JAMISON today #92Noon.

There's national steam the Timberwolves have promised the UCLA 2 he'll be selected by us tonight. Much through which to sift walking up to the second most popular draft, and here are a couple of things on which to chew, including a prediction.

Conspiracy: Somehow through side-deal channels LEBRON has assured Cleveland and KEVIN LOVE he's returning home in Prodigal Son-like fashion, and the Cavs will draft the guy at one tonight we covet. Then when teams are able to sign new players the Cavs will trade Said One Pick, PF TRISTAN THOMPSON and 2G DION WAITERS to us for our enigmatic Double-Double-Stretch Four.

The Cavs would have LBJ, Love and dynamic PG KYRIE IRVING and I feel would represent the East in the NBA Finals. That would be terrific for us because we'd get the first pick, Thompson and Waiters -- I like them both -- and the 13th pick tonight.

That's a super longshot and, thus, the conspiracy theory of the day. I don't believe it will happen but would love for it to go down on many levels. Nah, I feel we leave the draft this evening with Love under contract and with the 13th pick in the draft take Michigan State 2G GARY HARRIS.

I was told today and this week he's the best two-way player in the draft, and Lord knows we need defense around here. He'd back up KEVIN MARTIN and the spot probably would be a time-share bit.

Flip is super plugged in to the MSU program given his close relationship with HC TOM IZZO, and I believe trusts Harris as much if not more than most in this draft. Too, if there is a deal to be had for Love and Martin is included Harris would fit in even more nicely.

My call is Gary Harris is drafted by the Wolves tonight.