At 7 tomorrow morning on the "Powertrip Morning Show" wanna-be GMs will get together in the big studio to mock up the first eight picks in the draft. From Houston to Us, talent, bosses, fantasy guys, sideline reporters, etc. will make selections and predictions.

It's a yearly thing on the 'Trip, and it always is fun. I am GM for the Vikings and will execute the 8th overall pick. SAUCEY has the Texans, BOSSBERG the Rams and so on and so on.

So, I'll end today treating it like a real GM, which means tapping on sources station-wide to gain indicators as to which players will be selected ahead of my choice. "Recon" is what we call it in the business, and the information sharing was good today.

Our intel indicates Hoouston will select JADEVEON CLOWNEY, the DE from down Spurrier Way. Good pick but I'd go with Buffalo OLB KHALIL MACK and watch him become one of the best defensive players in the NFL.

Our Rams recon indicates they may move on JOHNNY FOOTBALL. Chatted with a source close to their GM today -- his secretary -- and learned Bossberg was seen watching endless amounts of Manziel film via YouTube and also requested a full recap of the event at which 'Football signed stuff as an amateur for like 10 Large. Clearly, the Rams around here are putting in the time on Johnny Football.

Also heard from a very reliable Bucs-related source Texas A&M WR MIKE EVANS may be their choice. Source went eyebrow to eyebrows with me and flat said, "Don't count on your guy at eight because we are taking him."

Okay, got it. So, with those assumptions let's analyze what I might do with the eight spot tomorrow while 'Tripping with adversaries/dear friends:

-- If Evans goes ahead of me I'll hope somebody slips up and let's Clemson WR SAMMY WATKINS drop, and our slot situation is dynamic for many years. That most likely will not happen, though. Our top choice Mack, too, will be long gone.

I then will tell Rube Nation trading out of this spot is what we are attempting to do. Given there are no trades in this mock I will analyze why we are skipping QB, no matter who is available. We believe taking as QB at this position is too risky and we happen to like the 'slingers we can get later.

Even though there may be one or two blue-chip OTs available we are very happy with KALIL and LOADHOLT and respectfully will skip.

We then will hone in on either Pitt DT AARON DONALD or OSU CB JUSTIN GILBERT. We will remind people Donald is by far the best DT in the draft, and by far the most explosive. We are buying into the WARREN SAPP comparisons.

We also believe while fast and good Gilbert is not as far clear of the second- and/or third-best CB as Donald is from the rest of the DTs. Our coach is a bad-ass defensive mind and probably realizes the most difficult pressure a QB can face comes from up the middle, and a Donald-FLOYD-JOSEPH-EVANS rotation would be the deepest in the division.

Tune in to the "Powertrip" tomorrow at 7 a.m. to figure out which way the GMs go and what we do at eight.