(From Monday: LaVelle and FSN analyst/fmr Twins catcher Tim Laudner)

Eric Nordquist - @ericnordoKFAN
Minnesota Twins beat writer LaVelle E Neal III filled in for Admiral Allen yesterday and today. Got to know LaVelle a bit and he was a blast to work with! I realized, though, that I'm still not ready to immerse myself in our favorite baseball squad.
I've been reading a lot of Twins-bloggery about the "5 things the Twins need to do..." this, that and whatever. I've also spent the last two days listening to Twins-nation complain about how cheap the Pohlad's are. Can't deal with it yet. There's too much going on in sports right now! Wild fighting for playoff position, Gopher hockey headed to Philly for Frozen Four, the Final Four, etc..

Versus offering another list of biblical-level miracles that need to take place for Minnesota to contend in the short term, here are a couple of things that are more interesting to me today than the Twins -->

1. Tiger Woods pulling out of the Masters??!?! Nooo!! Microdisectomy on his back. Tourney won't be half as entertaining. It's been a tough 5 year stretch for the guy, but here's a reminder of why he's the best there is.

If you're sitting on the edge of your seat and can't wait to see if Lee Westwood will ever win anything, or you just love Adam Scott and that ridiculous long putter, that's fine. I might be living in the past, but his injuries and downfall are killing me as a fan.

2. Vikings coach Mike Zimmer on Johnny Football

Not sure whether it's gamesmanship or a classic misinformation tactic, but Zimmer was on the radio in Austin TX and stated some concerns he has about Johnny Manziel's public exposure.

"We asked him all kinds of questions (at the dinner). ... We (also) talked to him at the combine (in Indianapolis in February)," Zimmer said. "There are some flags that come up. All of the things that happened out in Los Angeles, the commercials and all that stuff." Zimmer on 104.9 The Horn (via Pioneer Press)

Here's a McDonald's commercial I had never seen until roughly two minutes ago that Manziel filmed with Lebron---

The types of things Zimmer said are the exact same remarks we've heard throughout this entire combine/pre-draft drama. I don't know enough about our new coach to get a feel for the sincerity of the comments, but my money is on him playing the game. Until I start seeing DUI arrests, domestic disputes, alleged gang affiliation (see: Desean Jackson), etc, I just don't care about the kid having famous friends or a penchant for limelight. If Manziel is available at 8, I think we need to look seriously at this kid, and I'm guessing Zimmer agrees.