WR AARON DOBSON is the name, a changing games may be the game. Slowly starting my approach to taking Sneak Peeks at Fresh Meat and concocting plans for the Vikings to have another amazing draft.

WOBBY from Vikings.com put me on this guy during the 9:55 today and I never had heard of him. Good-looking thing and the write ups on him are solid. He's a receiver who plays "outside the numbers" and our first pick -- 23rd -- could be WR. It also could be CB, DL or LB.

My walk up to the draft is pretty slow and intensifies next week with the week of Senior Bowl practice and when doing a couple of shows from the NFL Combine in Indy. I don't start picking minds of the learned for info until the time is right, and the approach taken by Our Favorite Squad will be intriguing.

I wonder what they will do with PERCY HARVIN and/or JARED ALLEN? I'd like to see them both back next season but given I believe they will find a WR in free agency and re-sign PHIL LOADHOLT there may be some required to change their deals to help the greater good. Jared is owed some obscene figure -- $17 million? -- and that won't happen even though he's still quite good at what he does.

I still am not sure things are status quo with Percy but as written and mentioned I'd like him back here during a contract year. Percy would not hold out for a new deal into the season and would play very, very well.

If, however, they receive push back from Jared on the new money and the perceived problems with Percy are so bad he cannot return to the covenant then call Arizona and put together a package for LARRY FITZGERALD, JR. The Cards would have to switch to a 4-3 defense because Jared cannot play DE or OLB in a 3-4 set. And given they already are ready to pay Fitz a ton for next year they probably have it saved up in case they land a quality player like Jared, who lives in Arizona in the offseason.

SPIELMAN is not afraid to make splashy deals, even if it entails moving Pro Bowl-type players to assist the greater good. That we went 5-and-2 sans Harvin proves we can be very good without him but losing Jared definitely would be a hit. All of this is top-of-the-head stuff for me and I don't expect any of it to transpire, but there will be some tough decisions made this offseason and some could involve a few of our best players.