The ballad "Just Be My Lady" is sung by today's in-studio guest and my dear friend LARRY GRAHAM. He used to be the bass player for Sly and the Family Stone and still tours worldwide at age 67. He's the funkiest person you'll ever meet and revolutionized bass playing for all genres of music.

It was back in the late '60s when he was performing with Sly he started "slapping" his bass. The bass-slapping machinations used since by all bass players was invented by Larry. He invented a style of music; trip on that. No Casio, no covers, no videos about which to worry, just raw funk at its finest.

He is as spiritually sound as you will meet and has been instrumental to my personal life in terms of finding peace on a daily basis. I love that man and his family and what they stand for, and it will be the newest treat of a lifetime Monday night at Daktoa Jazz Club in Minneapolis to introduce him and his band Graham Central Station.

PRINCE most likely will be there and this could be an opportunity to meet one of my all-time favorite artists. I am excited for the opportunity and blessed to have Larry and his family in my life.

To sports ... the Indiana Pacers could not have botched that game-losing play end of game one of the ECF last night any worse. What a shame -- lead the heavily favored Heat the majority of the game, put D. WADE on a decent-not-great performance and lose because you freak out with the dinero on the line.

Two seconds and change remaining, Heat ball. LEBRON, the best in the game, gets open, surges to the basket and wins the sucker with a left-handed layup. It was a walk-off winner. This after THEGREAT PAUL GEORGE nails a threebie from 32 feet end of regulation to tie it. Then in OT PG hoists one up from three and is fouled. He makes all three with two seconds remaining to give Indiana a one-point lead.

Then the meltdown. The guy guarding the in-bounds pass didn't do well enough to divert a pass to James. George went to running at LBJ, who darted left and won the game. The weakside help from SAM YOUNG was non-existent, but he shouldn't have been in the game anyway. He subbed for C ROY HIBBERT, who inexplicibly was on the bench with the game on the line. Roy protects the rim with the best of them and should have been in the contest. Awful, awful coaching move by FRANK VOGEL, who is very good at what he does.

Frank's explanation was he (paraphrasing) wanted guys who were better switching off picks and stuff like that in at the end of the game. My Lord, Frank, there are two seconds left; there is not time for pick or picks. Roy is one of your best players and maybe the best center in the game. He needs to be on the floor with the game on the line.

Vogel also had Hibbert on the bench nearing the end of regulation and, funny, LBJ scooted to the hoop for a free basket then, too. Vogel did not learn from his mistake and I believe it cost Indiana the upset win.

Shoot, right when the ball comes in bounds to LBJ have Hibbert run from BOSH to LBJ and make him hit an off-balance jumper. Let Chris Bosh try to beat you from 20 with a wide-open jumper. Anything but single coverage on a man who is developing into the greatest player in NBA lore. Miami was beatable and will be beatable again. Next time the hope is the coach of the 'dog doesn't bleep it up like he did last night.