Now that I am all in on (a) a trade back from the eight spot for the Minnesota Vikings to get a defensive player or (b) staying at eight and selecting defense, let's hone in on the 40 spot and what needs to happen there.

I like Georgia Tech LB JERRY ATTAOCHU, who some feel is best suited as a 3-4 OLB. He played some DE at GT, but his size and speed in my opinion indicate he can run the OLB spot here opposite CHAD GREENWAY and also man the "nickel" spot.

I consider Attaochu if trading up into the first round or higher in the second to acquire a QB is not the approach du jour. Given I am in favor of skipping QB at eight no matter who is available, if the team wants CARR, GAROPPOLO or METTENBERGER then go get him. But as mentioned #92Noon I am a fan of making the first two selections defense, getting a QB after that, then more defense, one of those good, mid-round WRs and a back-up RB middle of the stream.

This guy Attaochu can be amazing off the edge, and as of now one of our starting OLBs is GERALD HODGES, whose most extensive action last year came in the preseason.

I am not writing off Hodges because that would be foolish at this stage of his career, but Attaochu is more accomplished and might be able to give some DE flexibility, too.

If we have a shot at eight to get the best CB in the draft (FULLER, GILBERT, DENNARD) and wheel back later and get this on-charging beast, our defense is basically set. I trust the MLB spot with COLE, MAUTI, BRINKLEY battling for two-down status than I do the OLB spot.

Our defensive-minded HC has to want a defense about which he can be proud, and going defense with the first two picks this draft is not a bad thing. If we can trade back from eight to like 13 (the Rams) we then would be able to nab a quality DB with that pick, a pass-rushing LB next and have enough currency to maneuver our way to a QB.

Attaochu finished last year with 12 sacks and 15 1/2 TFLs, and 10 of those sacks came over the final five games of the year. He finished like the quality thoroughbred he may be at the next level.

There are some Elite Draft Minds who claim he busts around the edge like Miami's CAMERON WAKE, and if he's 80 percent as good as that stud I am in.

Something to ponder.

As of now here's how I have the top eight in the draft:

Houston: CLOWNEY

St. Louis: Best OT


Cleveland: MANZIEL

Oakland: BORTLES

ATL: Next best OT


VIKINGS: If it falls this way there is merit in selecting WR MIKE EVANS. Trading back is an option. Otherwise, best CB available, which would be the top CB in the draft.