A bunch of things to accomplish in this spot after a fast-and-furious 9-to-Noon bit today that covered a lot of ground.

First the cultivation of funk for the newbies contiues -- this is "If You Want Me to Stay" by the mysterious, eclectic, unique Sly and his band the Family Stone. Very cool ditty. Others by him I like include "Everyday People," "Hot Fun in the Summertime," "You Caught Me Smilin' again," "Everybody is a Star" and "Wanna Take You Higher." The sound is as unique as you'll ever hear, and Sly -- despite his personal turmoil -- forever will be known as one of the most unique artists in music history.

Read this Wiki bit on Sly Stewart. From making music, to personal problems, to disappearing then miracuously re-emerging and, finally, to losing a wife over a dog mauling a boy, Sly was quite the individual.

NFL MVP ADRIAN PETERSON is a star of a different era and profession, and the kind RB joined me 9-to-Noon today. He was as cheery as ever. Podcast my chat with him via 'FAN on Demand because he had some telling things to say about the PERCY HARVIN conversation. Paraphrasing, MVP said we shouldn't trade him and should do whatever it takes to get him right. That goes back to what I was saying at the end of the year when he kept missing game after game and we kept winning them all.

As mentioned/written my preferred route of attack with 12 is to keep him, pay him and work wth whatever "struggles" he endures. I have said many times Percy is as different and sometimes distant as anybody I have met in my 11 years calling games for this team.

I could have said the same thing for former Vikings' LB EJ HENDERSON, who I did not enjoy his first few years in the league. EJ was not very good, made many mistakes during games and was a very tough cliched nut to crack. He didn't seem very attentive, acted like the world was against him and had that cliched chip on his shoulder.

Then BRAD CHILDRESS rolled in, changed his position and empowered him. For all of Brad's faults, one genuis thing he did was get through to EJ Henderson and the rewards on the field were great because he became a very good LB. EJ, too, became more comfortable in his skin and now everytime I see him he embraces me and can be quite the conversationalist. EJ Henderson went from a distant, closed-minded person to a sweetheart of a man.

Off what MVP said today I kind of am looking at Percy like EJ in that there's a rose waiting to blossom somewhere in that complicated mind, and it's our job to water said flower and grow with it. Sure, you'll get pricked by the thorns occassionally but the beauty, smell and happiness from this blossoming flower could be worth the effort.

Still not real gut vibe on whether we will keep or trade Percy Harvin, and I support whatever SPIELMAN decides because he knows what's best for the team. Still, Percy with MVP and RUDOLPH, a better version of SIMPSON, a second-year JARIUS WRIGHT, a very good OL and a stud WR at 23 ... that will make it easier to throw the ball.

... DEVIN SETOGUCHI: The 26-year-old forward is fast and young and is playing very well right now. Good for him, this Devin Setoguchi.

I never have met him but he bugged me last year when he was disciplined by the team the day of a game against the San Jose Sharks when reportedly he was out the night before with former teammates and might have gone a little too far. Not sure what is/was accurate with that issue, but his production during games was nothing special and he didn't appear to be a game-changer.

These last four or so, however, Setoguchi is a treat to watch. Hockey insiders tell me he and the SUTER-BRODIN tandem are starting to work very well. Devin beat Nashville in OT with a zapper from the right of the goalie and last night executed an awesome pass to BRODZIAK for his first goal of the year.

Plus, in the Preds' game Devin had a season-best five shots, last night at Calgary registered his second assist of the year and played a 2013-best 19-plus minutes. Clearly, MIKE YEO is trusting him more now than a couple of weeks ago when doing shows from the penalty box a lot of the off-mike chatter was about trading Devin and his fat contract.

Given we are looking for punch from our secondary lines it's nothing but good news Brodziak scored on a Setoguchi pass because those two need to contribute mightily for us to win the division. And I like stories that involve players facing controversy, tumult and/or slumps and bouncing back and fighting through the negativity. Setoguchi is doing that right now, and it's a pleasure to follow.