Just another crap-weather day here in the Cities. Temps in the 50s, it's gray and drizzly. This sucks, and even though I chide those who obsess with the weather I am about to melt down because I hate it.

Bleep brings me down and I am playing tired most days. Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's life, who knows? We just concluded a four-day stretch at Canterbury with wonderful racing, a terrific vibe and bullcrap weather every step of the way. We are identified as an outdoor destination for people to place their shows bets, drink beer and soak in sun. Instead, it's Canterbury Rube Nation getting soaked while sweating a race, and it dampens the vibe.

The sun definitely is shining on the San Antonio Spurs, one of sport's most well run and succesful organizations. The elderly have made it to the NBA Finals again after sweeping a Memphis team that was supposed to be tougher and more physical.

TIM DUNCAN looks great in the twilight of his career, and TONY PARKER will leave the game with HOF Cred and respected as a big-spot guy. I absolutely love his game. Those two with MANU propel the motor to great things, but the drafting of KAWHI LEONARD and DANNY GREEN have been expert selections. We take WES JOHNSON and pass on PAUL GEORGE and they take guys from San Diego State and cultivate them into stars.

Maybe it's easy to succeed with that team because the policing process is so dominating? They never would chance a MICHAEL BEASLEY type because they are not desperate. They bring in system guys and raise them around immortality. It's very impressive and I hope they win the title.

Same goes for the LA Kings, hosting a game seven tonite against San Jos; I hope they win the title. The home team has won every game this series but, truly, this contest could go either way. There also is a game-seven scenario for the Speedy Hawks, who will be heavily favored at home to beat Detroit after trailing the series, 3-1. Detroit is all done. Can't blow a 3-1 lead and expect to win the finale on the road.

Game-seven bits in the NHL are elite for sports snobs because of the passion and intensity displayed by both teams. This Sharks-Kings bit tonite is going to be a low-scoring meatgrinder that will be very fun to watch. That is unless you love the Minneesota Wild like us because then we suffer from sports envy in that they have facets of attack we lack.