The stable unfurled some great hockey-related opinions from the penalty box today, but I wasn't playing fast. MIKE YEO, TENNA B, RUSSO RADIO, TOM REID and MIKE GREENLAY carried me. And for that I thank them all.

Tonight's game against the Champs is no bed of roses. Indeed, But it is quite thorny. And I became caught up in the anxiety and awe while executing Vox in the Box and bringing the 15-and-1, game-day, on-site record.

THE PRODUCER was peppering me with sports-related talkers the final 20 minutes and all I could do was stare at the Champs. I offered BRENT SEABROOK a spoonful of some banana split, and he respectfully nodded "No" and cruised down and scored on the back-up goalie. Business as usual for the Champs playoff points leader.

While requested to opine on the BRADFORD-to-the-Vikings rumor all I could do was watch PATRICK KANE assemble some pucks and stick-handle around them, perfecting already elite skills.

Don't know what to do. Don't know how to feel. I am scared we are going to get swept. I need a swift kick in the hash tag Faith. It seems like everything they have is better than what we have, and that includes star power, depth, special teams, goalie play, etc.

Thing is, we are better than we were last year and the Blackhawks aren't. They are top-notch and might win the Cup but are not necessarily better than they were last season. With MOULSON, POMINVILLE healthy, GRANLUND and a more experienced COYLE we are supposed to put up more of a fight and were supposed to be better equipped to stretch the series.

Maybe we will. It's too bad YEO is down to his fourth goalie this time of the year. "Iswhatitis" and they say in the cliché business.

I will root loudly this evening and will pull for the Green and Red. They hope is we do something this evening -- PP goal? -- that gives us some identity in this series. We currently have none and are perilously close to being bounced from all this fun.