Chatted with new OC NORV TURNER right at the end of mini camp today.

ME: "Five (TEDDY BRIDGEWATER) is going to make this a race, isn't he?"

Norv: "They all three looked good today. Should be fun."

Me: "Teddy won't go down without a fight, Norv."

Norv: "I am heading to San Diego and New Hampshire soon for five weeks and am excited for training camp."

Norv has been to handling school. Nary a tell to be had. But after being overwhelmed by how well I felt Bridgewater looked with the starters and the 2s I wanted to be told he'd receive a chance to win the starting job. Got nothing.

Can't get an accurate read on our QB stuff. Asked ADRIAN post practice if we have settled in on one QB for the season and he said, "No."

Hey, I championed the cause of MATT CASSEL re-joining this team and also happen to like his skill set with what I think Turner wants to do. And I personally want what's best for CHRISTIAN PONDER whether it's here or not.

But Teddy was selected in the first round and has been raised to play. And personally I like what I see. He throws the ball much better than I thought, handled the blitz period today very well and throws better on the run as well if not better than anything we have.

I don't want this to be an open-shut case with Cassel absolutely the starter into training camp. I want Teddy to have a totally fair shot to win the job and for the leaders to recognize it's a win on many levels if he gets the money -- makes coaches look good for teaching him, the GM look good for trading for him and players look good for accepting him. If he gets beat he gets beat, but Teddy will make this decision tough. Cassel at this stage appears to be the safe approach.

-- In my opinion ROBERT BLANTON is favored to start at S next to HARRISON SMITH. He has looked good all offseason, and ZIMMER seems to be working more closely with him than some others. Sans the Philly game Robert represented pretty well last year as a CB and did so on the fly. I'd be fine with him as a starter.

-- LT MATT KALIL didn't do much, and EVERSON GRIFFEN ran circles around TINY RICHARDSON. Everson looked as fast as ever. He's a prideful cat and has to be frustrated many have declared him not worth the giant deal he received. He's very important to us winning this division.

-- JERICK MCKINNON, the rookie from Georgia Southern, might be the fastest guy on the team. I'd love to see him, Adrian, CORDARRELLE and JOSH ROBINSON race 100 yards.