Some Vikings quick-twitch thought for your Labor Day Weekend pleasure. Bet.

-- They kept all three seventh-round rookies on the roster, which is impressive. I have to believe the Vikings are the only team in the NFL to have three last-round picks make the Final 53. CB JABARI PRICE, LB BRANDON WATTS and DT SHAMAR STEPHEN made the squad, and the latter started the third preseason game at KC. That's some good drafting right there.

-- QB CHRISTIAN PONDER stays on the roster, which is the right way to go and should be of no surprise. Some wanted him cut because, well, they just don't like him due to the inconsistent start to his career. But the team needs three QBs for many reasons, and people shouldn't trip so badly over a team's third QB.

-- Our back-up OL wasn't great this preseason and probably could use some assistance. C/G JOE BERGER is fine and a guy you can start in a pinch and help to win games, but after that the depth gets a tad skinny,

-- I am super excited to watch ADRIAN PETERSON run at St. Louis. It truly will be unleashing the beast given he received no preseason carries, and that highly touted Rams DL better be ready for the challenge. The Rams rush the QB with the best of them. Are they "gap-sound" versus Adrian and against the run? We'll find out. Best way to keep them from your QB is to bust big runs on that D so they are guessing run-pass all game.

-- We only kept two TEs -- KYLE RUDOLPH and RHETT ELLISON -- but FB ZACH LINE made the team. Line had to play some on-line TE in the final preseason game and must have done quite well. This could be a spot they find a cut player from another team.

-- We have a better chance to win the NFCN than people think and are much better than the 5-10-and-1 bit from last season. Even though it was preseason the team got explosive in the passing game, held one team to zero TDs and almost did it three times and confused QBs all four games.

Enjoy the ride.