I am good with the selections of OLB ANTHONY BARR at nine and trading for QB TEDDY BRIDGEWATER at 32. The new head coach with the well respected defensive mind gets to work with one of the most athletically gifted players in the draft and maybe its third best pass rusher, and the new offensive coordinator with the well respected offensive mind receives the opportunity to talk the QB through whatever caused him to drop to the end of the first round.

I do expect the Vikings to select a QB in next year's draft assuming they move on from PONDER, and then we would have second-year Teddy working with the rookie and the veteran in CASSEL on the final year of his deal. Then we would have two kid QBs carrying us into the new stadium in 2016. Obviously with Bridgewater or next year's guy we have to dagger the spot for the long term.

The steam last night (JAY GLAZER, who doesn't miss much) was the team attempted to trade up from 40 with the Eagles for the right to house JOHNNY FOOTBALL. Cleveland landed the spot and the mercurial QB.

I believe the news to be true but also don't feel the Vikings had much draft-opinion separation between Manziel and Bridgewater. To wit, if Philly had said "Yes" the team probably would have been cool landing the Texas A&M kid but if it didn't work are more than enthralled to work with the high completion percentage kid from Louisville.

That QB call didn't mean that much to me because I am not totally sold on either first-round pick. Teddy seems to handle pressure well and can make most of the throws, and Manziel runs markedly better and has a better arm.

My end-game take on Manziel was I didn't trust his reckless playing style that much in the NFL. He plays like RG3 and an ACL and assorted bumps and bruises later the Redskins guy wasn't much last year. He very well could bounce back this year and be quality, but QBs who play like Griffin and Manziel are risky props in the big show.

Barr's 10 forced fumbles the last two years excite me. That he only played two years of defense and is improving by the minute excites me. That he has NFL pedigree excites me. And that he's 6'5, 255 and runs a 4.4 40 very much excites me. I love this selection and expect him to contribute with a minimum eight sacks next season.

Starting today with the two thirds I am casting my gaze the way of a back-up to ADRIAN. With NORV at the helm I feel this spot is important, and I'd like Adrian to run a little less and for us to pass more and more explosively.

The two names either for today's third round or tomorrow fourth round on which I am focusing are CHARLES SIMS from West Virginia and JERICK MCKINNON out of Georgia Southern. Probably need to get Sims today because he's more of a true RB than McKinnon.

Sims caught 45 passes last year and can lineup as a WR. Sounds perfect for Norv, who loves throwing to his running backs.

McKinnon could be the new-age JOE WEBB in that he can do a bunch of things well. At Georgia Southern he played QB, RB, KR and some DB. If we have some "Wildcat" to the arsenal this kid would be perfect.

With the other selections I'd like to find help at MLB, CB, S and maybe land one of these nice WRs up and down the draft.