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Lots of people believe Sidney Crosby is the best there is in NHL hockey, but Patrick Kane just might be more clutch in the Stanley Cup playoffs.  Kane tallied 3 points last night, including a OT game-winning finish to even the Western Conference quarters series with St Louis at 2-2.

Why does this matter? In the post-game, a reporter legitimately asked Patrick if he had ever scored an overtime goal in the playoffs. I say/ask stupid things on a daily basis, so no hard feelings and much respect, but wow. Here's his post-game comments (the good part starts around 1:51 in) --->


By all accounts, Patrick handled it well. Here's a notable Kane OT winner that even casual hockey guys like me remember--->


Not bad. Hat-trick winner that sends your squad to the Stanley Cup Finals! But, it gets better--->


I can only hope, if the Wild advance, that the Blackhawks aren't waiting there ready to square off again. Kane is deadly.