Twitter follower @tindallt put it best today when he Tweeted me "That wind today. Those are winds of change for our Vikings. #LetsGo"

I agree, and it summed up the attitude of the Vikings at training camp today and the swirling, aggressive winds with which we were dealing while executing #92Noon. F.I.C.A. (Fairness In Conversation Act) - the early stages of training camp always are fun for me because everybody is in good moods, and given we haven't played any games the level of anxiety is low.

Of course, there aren't many games on the schedule I see I fear and trust this team into the 2014 season. The Rams are first up with that rock-star defensive line, and a second-year LB in ALEC OGLETREE I truly believe will bounce back from a non-descript rookie campaign. But other than maybe JANORIS JENKINS can anybody name members of the Rams' secondary? And that offense isn't much about which to brag.

What I am saying is all teams save a few have serious weaknesses, and you hire respected minds like MIKE ZIMMER and NORV TURNER to expose them and win games. I have not offered up an official prediction on the season but do expect the team to contend for a postseason spot late into the season. I like the defense more than I did last season but don't feel it's ready to dominate games. Yet.

The offense, though, will be fun to watch play after play. Norv is aggressive and elite at exposing teams' weaknesses. He takes average and makes it good and good and makes it better. Given the whole thing is new with the new staff I do envision some growing pains, but this team absolutely is better than 2013, and I like it more that 2012 when we went 10-and-6 and made the playoffs.

Yeah, I am banking on Twitter follower TONY TINDALL being accurate with the message indicating "winds of change," and the more we learn about the 2014 Vikings the more we will like.