Jim Petersen asks, via Twitter, whether the allegations faced by Darren Sharper are completely out of character with what some of us knew of him. I offered up the requisite cliche: The charges are further proof that none of us really know athletes we spend time around, and sometimes cover. That said, if somebody offered up the grisly task of ranking players capable of even facing such hideous allegations, let alone exhibiting such behavior, Sharper would indeed have been at or near the bottom of the list.


But there may be another disconnect here. It has been surmised that it just makes no sense that an interesting, engaging, good-looking fellow would have to allegedly resort to such evil to be with women. Haven’t we learned that this kind of misses the point? When individuals are capable of this kind of alleged behavior, haven’t we learned from the professionals, that’s it not about sex, but about the power, and the violence?....


While having dinner with Flip Saunders Thursday night, Kevin Love did not ask to be traded.....It’s not like pro basketball fans in Minnesota will feel sorry for either team, but for only the second time in 64 years, the Lakers and Celtics will miss the playoffs in the same season. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I like the NBA better when both teams are at least relevant.


I miss Sochi already. Or do I merely miss hearing the Sochi sound-bite?...New York Post notes that future Vikings quarterback Blake Bortles told Dan Patrick that teams asked him about his girlfriend, model Lindsey Duke: " ‘If we came to town, will she be there for dinner’ and stuff like that,’’ he said. No stone unturned apparently. The Post reports that during the 2010 combine, defensive tackle Gerald McCoy "said he was asked by the Buccaneers if he wore a g-string or a jock strap when he played. McCoy didn’t reveal his answer, but the Bucs must have liked the response because Tampa Bay tabbed him as the Draft’s third overall pick."...


...Has Vegas yet posted odds on drug cartel kingpin El Chapo successfully escaping for a second time from Mexican authorities? I think he escaped in a laundry basket the first time...And you wonder why I love the New York Post, the new Mayor’s best friend.


...State Fair is just around the corner.



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