Jim Norton is a well-known comedian, author and television show host. Today he joins Dan Barreiro to discuss his article "Why the Funniest People Are Sometimes the Saddest" and the recent death of comedian/actor Robin Williams.

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Robin Williams and so many fellow comedians seem to struggle with self-hatred and self-destruction.

I always feel a more intense sense of loss when a fellow alcoholic or addict commits suicide. Possibly because I have thought about it obsessively for years, and slit my wrists on multiple occasions until being forced into rehab and getting sober a year later at the age of 18.

No one will ever know exactly what Robin Williams was thinking and feeling when he made the decision to end his pain the way he did. But I do know he wasn’t seeing himself the way the rest of us saw him.

I first met Robin in 1998 when he came into the Comedy Cellar in New York City to do a guest spot. Comedians tend to be impossible to impress and love to stress how we’re impossible to impress when bigger, far more famous comedians come in to perform sets.

But on this particular night, I noticed that none of the regulars were leaving when we were done. We were all finding excuses to hang around. None of us wanted to admit it, but Robin Williams was coming in, and we were genuinely excited.

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