The past few
days have seemed to really drag on even though the truck’s in the garage, Clam,
K-Drill and all my gear in the back it will probably sit until the tundra-like conditions improve. Even with my mocking of the temps last week on Fan Outdoors airing the dogs each of the last mornings was about all I wanted.  Add to that a few trips to the wood pile anything more outdoor intensive had zero appeal.  So as the exhaust streams from the nearby furnace pipes and the smell of wood smoke drifts over the back yard thoughts of warmer times ahead creep in.  Not squashing those remaining to be spent in my thermal Clam fishing for those little red Humminbird lines but every year about mid-January I begin looking forward to warmer days and open water.  It’s kinda funny though here in the Midwest our season change brings
with it a re-birth of activities.  We put them away at the end of one then brush ‘em off again and dive into new ones as the calendar dictates.  I’ve never given it much thought but it really is an added benefit to living here.

I know too such thoughts are probably foolish with the temps reading 14 below.  Erik and 2 colleagues left yesterday for Ely to retrieve a collared dead moose and those temps read -25 so such thoughts may be a long way off but still we’re having to plan.  Turkey permits are due the 10th so maybe my musings aren’t so far-fetched. Still as seasons change most of us, including yours truly take them for granted ending up with grumbles about something.  Maybe too cold, too rainy, too windy, too buggy, too hot or too whatever!

Now trapped inside I can say it-it’s just too damn cold. Snap’s sleeping curled up on Acea’s Christmas blanket, Acea sound asleep next to the patio door looking for a cool spot and the old timer, Tess with her hearing mostly gone due to the hundreds of past shotgun blasts over her head is sound asleep too curled up next to Acea.  If they could talk I’ll bet they’d say “Come on warm weather!”  Snaps’ reply, “I’m ready for some serious squirrel watching too!”

With that thought I’ll close leaving you to ponder what’s yet to come as the weather
warms, the seasons’ change bringing another one of new, renewed life, a new batch of outdoor memories of fish to catch, wooded roads to walk, rain drops to fall and birds to flush!

Wishing you the best in the New Year but now it’s time to toss another log in the
stove.  Temp says -7 so we’re getting there and I Can’t Wait!!!!

See you on the ice!