Hold on I know “resolutions” are supposed to come around January 1st as we celebrate a brand new year and a new and better you but April resolutions could actually be more fun and more important!  Here’s what I mean… Yesterday I moderated a panel of walleye pro anglers at Cabela’s in Owatonna.  Now if you’re a regular follower of Fan Outdoors you also know I make no claim to knowing much about walleye angling nor have I had much interest in learning more that is until now.  Listening intently to the pros I learned that there can be much more to the sport than simply dragging a leach on a 12’ Lindy rig for hour after boring hour behind a boat.  I learned about a “slow-death rig,” how to identify a current break,  a “seam” off the same current break, where fish (all fish) position themselves off a wing dam, jigging techniques, lead core trolling and so much more.  Granted where you can and when the opportunity presents itself my suggestion would be to take advantage of the information situation.  I tire quickly of whiny people complaining about the fact that they can’t do this or that!  Maybe it has to do with age, experience or simply that I just really don’t care to hear the stuff anymore.   The solution suddenly became very clear yesterday – learn more about what it is you do to get better at it and thus have more fun!  Arm yourself with additional knowledge along with a willingness to put more effort into it too!  Actually this applies to most things in the outdoors people too often complain about!  Think about it!

I had never fished walleyes much through the ice until a trip last December to Border View Lodge on Lake of the Woods.  It was here I brought limited skills, my Humminbird Ice 55, some ice rods, tackle suggested by Jerry Rigge of Capra’s Sporting Goods along with an open mind north to the big lake.  Combined with some tips from our Border View guide John and coaching from my two sons, Erik and Chad we had an absolute blast!  During our 2 days fishing more than 250 walleye and sauger came through the ice holes and along the way I learned a bunch to say nothing about having an absolute blast!  Would I recommend Border View or make a return trip?  ABSOLUTELY!!!!!  But more importantly I learned another way to enjoy the great outdoors!  So how about these April Resolutions you ask?

Well here’s some of mine!  First, I resolve to learn to be a better turkey hunter this spring!  I’m not sure if that means scoring a bird but after watching the 6-7 hours of turkey instruction at www.eyesontheoutdoors.com as part of Ray Eye’s Johnson University it’s definitely possible.  In the past I really didn’t know what or how to hunt ‘em but now I have some tools to put into personal and practical application!  I can’t wait either!

I further resolve to learn more about open water walleye fishing with a return trip to Border View Lodge on May 29th – June 1st.  Coming with me again will be my boys, Erik and Chad.  In fact the invitation is open for each of you to come along too!  It’s easy go to Border View Lodge at www.borderviewlodge.com and make your reservations.  We’ll bring 2 Fan Outdoors live broadcasts and combine them with 2 full days of fishing along with some great fun, fabulous food and of course a few beers too!  Along the way I plan to become just a bit better “Eye” angler later trying it on my own!

Another resolution includes working more with Snap to wrinkle out some rough spots aiming already for the fall!  I also plan to become a more proficient deep water bass angler!  That will of course mean learning more about the Humminbird Side-imaging on the boat along with additional confidence in what’s below.  Maybe just maybe we might find some “eyes” along the way.  Whatever it is you can count on it being shared during Fan Outdoors!

So hopefully now you agree that April Resolutions can be every bit as important and fun as those made at the cusp of a new year.  In fact isn’t that really what the welcome arrival of spring is?  A Brand New Year!

Will you make any April Resolutions?  If yes what will they be?

I’d love to hear!!



P.S. Fan Outdoors “cabin-casts” are right around the corner too!