Today on a rainy Wednesday I’m here supervising, a very loosely defined term two young Brittany pups. One belonging to Chad who is at a work conference and my Belle pup.  I’m good at the moment since there is some noise coming from their direction but when quiet no telling what mischief is going on.  In 9 days they will be 5 months old and a milestone of sorts.  On that morning they will be traveling to Tom Dokken’s Oak Ridge Kennel for a 2 week introduction to birds and guns.  After that they will be heading afield and that I’m excited about.  They are pups from Snap’s litter last June which has pretty much occupied all my time since but I did want a pup from her and most importantly Chevy is a first hunting dog for Chad, my son. 

This goes back a number of years to each of my boys, Erik and Chad on a hunt at that time.  It was then that I promised that when they finished college, were employed and living on their own I’d give them their first hunting dog.  Six years ago Erik, an avid waterfowler picked out his pup a Golden Retriever he named Acea, a hard charging fabulous hunting partner and probably the best Golden I’ve seen.  He’s now planning on #2 from the same blood lines.  Chad called his promise due last July as he fell in love with one of the Britt pups saying “remember that promise Dad?”  Holding one of the so-named “Brown Bros” he said “I’d really really like to make this one mine!”  Since his job in conservation has taken him into southwestern Minnesota his passion has become upland game and if this pup has much of his parents in him he will become a rockstar like his mom!  Which brings me to next week-I’ve never taken a pup to a professional trainer but wanting the very best from this pup for Chad and knowing Tom Dokken from Fan Outdoors and earlier some basic foundation help would probably be best knowing the mistakes I’ve made with some past pups of mine.

The past four decades my 4-legged partners have been Golden Retrievers also raising a couple litters of them and my passions have revolved around waterfowl mostly but six years ago when my Tess dog, a Golden got crashed into by another dog on a opening day of pheasant season resulting in a temporary limp I panicked a bit thinking without a dog in front while afield I have little if any reason to hunt.  So in a condensed version I found Mary Tyson and her Rebel Flame Brittanys and the last pup in the litter.  Two weeks later the little pup came home and since that day it’s been a match made in heaven.  I absolutely could ask no more from that Snap dog than what she gives.  She runs hard, has a wonderful nose, retrieves fabulously and is a wonderful buddy to all around her.  Which brings us to the present.

My passions have moved over to more upland hunting, primarily pheasants.  I love the walking, the points are stunning, the flushes still take my breath stopping my pulse and in Minnesota we begin the day at 9 am, now a very tolerable hour.  So no matter what breed you prefer, and there are many good ones enjoy every day whether it be in the blind or afield.  And love your canine buddy with all your heart because they aren’t with us long but when it comes to the difficult day to say goodbye the void will be deep, painful and wide but it is amazing how a puppy fills that open space so quickly!

I have to go now it’s way too quiet and I’ll bet something’s going on but … hmm here’s Belle and now just where is Chevy!

All the Best Afield!