On a mid-July day with a NW wind blowing up to 30 mph and a temperature more like mid-October than what it should be the white-capped waves generated some thoughts.  All the hype aside from buy this or the latest and greatest newest bait on the shelf fish, with their relationship to the hook ‘n line folks and the sport of fishing is really very basic.  Simply put it’s a predator/prey struggle.  Big fish eat little fish while searching out the most comfortable environment possible.  Humans, a predator in the bigger picture function as the ultimate King of Beasts to any fish.  Then too there are those who assist us in hopes of financial gain by offering, for a cost items to make the chase possible, challenging and if you believe the claims, guaranteed!  Personally I’m as guilty no probably more guilty of looking for the next sure fire piece of tackle to become the “silver bullet” of my angling day.  Sometimes I think it’s in hand and other days feel absolutely clueless.  But I digress because this sport can be kept in its’ simplest forms with some purposeful thinking unless you choose to make it more, which is fun and honestly one of the main reasons I go. That along with trying to learn as much as I can along the way!

Here’s something else too.  The “fun” aspect of chasing fish!  Very few of us can make a living pursuing any species in this part of the country but most of us thoroughly enjoy the chase attempting to put pieces of a daily puzzle together.  It does become easier if you keep in mind the very basic premise mentioned above with big and little.  Keep in mind too that to a fish a lake is resembles most rural areas we, as humans might travel.  There are roads that make it easier and more convenient.  Of course walking is an option but taken less often today.  If looking for other humans they can be found around houses and farmsteads but small rural towns will offer a group of folks along with needed amenities.  In many ways fish are exactly the same.  Within a lake they will not be found everywhere.  They travel convenient routes, although at times some can be found off the beaten path, they tend to congregate in smaller areas that offer what they need, food and comfort no matter if that’s water temperature, weed growth, a rocky bottom or just hanging out in what I’ll call “la la land!”  Suspended somewhere between top and bottom but this too most often is dictated by a food source or comfort.

OK so now comes the lesson in my thoughts.  The ICAST show is taking place this week.  It’s here that all the latest and greatest will be on display with hopes of selling the latest and greatest to those who will in turn package it offering it to you as your very own “silver bullet!”  Nothing at all wrong with this in fact I too look forward to maybe finding my own bullet.  But as you walk the isles, scan a web page or read a catalog keep in mind that it’s still a fact—Big Fish Eat Little Fish!  Nothing more and nothing less!  If you do I honestly believe you’ll find success on the water and have less tackle that has effectively “Caught You!”

But then again that’s just me and I was skunked last time chasing ole marble-eye!  But I’ll do it all over again when the wind calms down just a bit.  Maybe I’ve already got the magic one or better yet maybe I’ll figure it out even for a day!