It's time to debut my Vikings' Annoyance Power Rankings!


#7--Throw the Damn Ball Away!

Sam Bradford's numbers looked pretty good. Completing 31 of 40 passes is impressive. But maybe his completion % always looks good because he refuses to throw the ball away. He did it in the first half against Detroit last week, was sacked, which removed the Vikings from Field Goal position and did it on the final drive with 34 seconds left when the Purple had no timeouts. That sack all but buried the offense. One thing Teddy did really well was throw the ball away when he had nothing. I wish Sam did the same.


--Yes, the offensive line might be the worst in football. But, it is legal to break a tackle or gain a yard after contact. You can put a lot of blame on the O-line regarding 3rd and short situations, and they deserve a lot of blame, but the running back does need to make something out of nothing every once in awhile, and Asiata never does.

#5--Time Management

--I think Mike Zimmer handled the end of the first half against Washington WORSE than the end of the 4th quarter against Detroit, yet this week it ended up working while last week it failed miserable. Too wait that long to call a timeout and only give you 5 seconds for one play was a major gaffe, and Zimmer is lucky they scored.

#4--Rudolph's Physicality

You have a Tight End that is 6'6", 265 lbs. and he looks scared of 6'0", 220 lbs defensive backs. Put your shoulder down and run over somebody Kyle.

#3--Polar Blair

--Blair Walsh has been ice cold since that playoff game vs Seattle and he missed his 4th extra point yesterday. I'm starting to think I would be more accurate on extra points.

#2--Offenisve Line

These guys would be #1 with a bullet if not for all the injuries. Don't think I need to really explain this ranking.

#1--Pass Rush

--After 19 sacks in the first 5 games, the vaunted Vikings defense has just 3 in the their last 4. And this was supposed to be the game where Everson Griffen feasted on a backup left tackle. There's a reason this isn't the same ball-hawking defense we saw earlier in the season and it's because the pass rush has vanished. I expected the offense to be mediocre at best this season, which is why the pass rush is the most disappointing to me.