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Richard Sherman is making a bad habit of picking fights with other NFL players on Twitter. Tuesday it was Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount but that fizzled out with no feelings hurt. Thursday night, Sherman exchanged barbs with potential future hall of fame cornerback DeAngelo Hall. So let's set the scene here...

In this corner, standing at 6-foot 3-inches tall, a one-time pro bowler with 20 career interceptions and a newly acquired Super Bowl ring...Richhhard Sherrrman!!

In the other corner wearing the red trunks, a ten-year veteran with 43 career picks and three pro bowls under his belt...De-Angelo Hallllllll!

The feud actually started when Hall took an unwarranted and minor shot at Sherman.

Sherman noticed, and the flood gates opened! Here is their back and forth conversation...

Safe to say that both of these guys are idiots, but every fight needs to have a winner! Who do you think came out on top of this one?