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By: Aj Mansour | KFAN.com

Rumors surfaced a few weeks ago claiming that the iconic brand of the 1990s, Starter, was planning on re-releasing a new line of Starter Jackets! Well now we have confirmation...

According to BallerStatus.com, Starter has found a partner that will aid them in reviving the iconic jacket that jolted the sports fashion market decades ago.

"The brand has partnered with G-III Apparel Group to revive the classic satin jacket -- one of the most iconic team apparel items in the history of sports licensing. Over the years, the "Starter Jacket" evolved to become a wardrobe staple for sports fans, players, entertainers and trendsetters to express their team pride and street style ... and that continues to resonate in the marketplace to this day."

With the satin jackets set to make their return to the market for the Back-To-School season (Fall 2013), one can only hope that shortly thereafter, Starter will re-release the pull-over version that ruled elementary schools across the country.

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