FIRST INTERMISSION: I took me awhile to get here!  By the way I'm at the wild game. I will be giving updates at each intermission. As we all know the wild scored first. I thought it was an alarm, but it was indeed a goal. I wish the wild still had pretzels and cheese. We will worry about that later.  The Blackhawks went ahead 2-1 and the wild pulled the goalie!!! You know you laughed, I sure as heck did. I finally got some snacks at the 9:10 mark. Popcorn shreds. I think I just saw Lenay Kukua, nope just a shadow. Meanwhile back to the hockey, the Blackhawks are very good with the puck and move like a flock of seagulls. Our guy Konopka got a penalty for what I assume being a bad ass!  He is hideous!  He won't read this will he?  I'm almost out of popcorn. The Blackhawks goalie made a sweet save on the 5 on 3 the home team had. If there are not Jets or Yankees highlights you may see it in the top 10.  During a timeout, they asked the wild players what actor would play them in a movie, little upset no one picked Stallone or Earnest Borgnine. It's the end of the first period and the wild are down 2-1. Stay tuned for update 2 during the second halftime!! Ps do they serve dome dogs here?

SECOND INTERMISSION: I was informed they don't do half times, they call them intermissions. Wild score on a tip goal!!  That's what s.... Never mind. It's two-2. But that will change by the time this report ends!  I'm sorry about the horrible grammar but I was to busy hammering rectangular pizza with ranch in middle school to be caring about spelling. Well we have a second, does anyone have any Flag Day gift ideas for Falen?  Back to the hockey, but before that anyone wanna meet for Maltcups at the next 7th inning stretch, your treat?  Ok hockey time, for two guys making 96 million, they do sit around a lot. I did that a lot when I worked at Dairy Queen when I was 16. That job F word Shred!  Favorite blizzard...8.9.... Go?  Wait this isn't a live chat!  F word yes.. Kiss cam time, I feel super bad for the dude that gets shot down by some chick he spent a lot of money on.. Who I'm kidding, half the time the dudes look like willow and Lyle Lovett had a kid. Back to hockey, the score is still 2-2. I would get chicken strips if they weren't 32 dollars. Still 2-2. Does anyone have any good dip recipes for Super Bowl parties?  Our phone lines are open or email me The game is currently at a commercial. I'm going to find a way to do Lets Play Hockey! The score is still 2-2. I'm going to open a restaurant that serves high school cafeteria food, but cheaper. Super beefy nachos are super good and I assume good for you. They played a tune off Danny Heatleys iPod, it was too much by DMB! That just moved up my list of greatest moments!  I just witnessed the worst power play since that Van Damme movie in the mid 90's. Its 2-2. Time to break its halftime. I'm going to try and get everyone in the press box to follow me on twitter. Meatsauce1. It's 2-2. Ps I want 49er pancakes from Original Pancake house. It's still 2-2

Third INTERMISION: Intermission round 3. I walked around the lower level and some lady offered me a mini donut, so if I'm not found tomorrow she drugged me. But I bought my own bag. I really could go for some Cream cheese wontons. It's 2-2. Did they ever make Sister Act 3. Still 2-2. Does anyone have a line on the AC Beach Innovational?  You know women's billiards? Nobody?  I just got done talking to chuck Fletcher and him and I agree Mortal Kombat 2 is the best one of the series.  Then I was asked to leave his booth.  It's still 2-2.  The Ice girls are really good at their jobs. Anyone know where the closest super America is?  To whom it may concern, please put moving walkways to and from the parking lots. It's still 2-2.   Does anyone have a wolves update?  For a hockey game this is really fun. Patrick Kane looks like The kid from Malcolm in the Middle. You know the show with the Meth dealing dad?  Back to Hockey, it's 2-2. Billion dollar idea coming at ya. Put the tires that are on the Zambonis on every car and think how much lives you could save. I've gone two and half blogs without saying Nude or Naked. Here we go. It's 2-2. Naked. The wild have power play right infront of the 2 min warning. Mike Yeo looks like Mr. Clean quit the juice.   What's everyone doing 9 summer's from now? -George Carlin
Hockey should constantly have one guy how did that spin around the bat trick, that everyone was doing in the 80's and have him skating the other way on the ice at all times. No?  Ok even I know that was about the worst grammar can possibly get!  Back to hockey it's 2-2 in ot. A ton of broken sticks in this game, somewhere Smoky the Bear is Ticked.
 It's still 2-2 and we are going to a shoot out. Well we're not I have nothing to do with this. How does everyone think the twins are going to do this year. Double click your mouse if you think more than 35 wins?  No one?  Tough crowd. What's the latest anyone has heard from ray Lewis?  During a shoot out they should have the outside of the rink on fire you know to add some spice. I need a warm bed. I also want Cadbury eggs. Ok the wild are winning the shoot out and the wild won.
Well my friends, this has been really fun and I will leave with something my Grandmother always said to me "go get the keys from your grandpa and let's go to KFC!