By: Seth Stohs |

Last week, I posted a couple of Q&As with players in the Twins farm system. I am continuing to attempt to line up more and more such interviews as I enjoy them, but I also get great feedback on them. It does appear that Twins fans are eager to learn more about players in the system.

Today, I am happy to present a Q&A with top Twins prospect and 2012 supplemental first-round pick Jose (JO) Berrios. The talented right-hander has made quite a name for himself in his short time in the organization. With the help of his aunt Maria, who facilitated and then translated the discussion, we are excited to bring this Q&A to JO Berrios. Let’s learn a little more about the young flamethrower.

Twins Daily (TD): Growing up in Puerto Rico, who was your favorite team and who were some of your favorite players to watch?

JO Berrios (JB): Even though I grew up not being a fan of any team in particular, mostly because I consider myself a baseball fan instead of a team's fan, when I was a kid I always wanted to be a catcher just like Puerto Rican MLB player Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez. I liked his way of playing, his style on the field. I even had the honor to meet him personally and he gave me some coaching.

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