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By: Aj Mansour |

Eden Prairie, MN - Back in the saddle after missing a few days last week for the NFLPA Rookie Premiere weekend, Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was back at practice this week as the Vikings kick off the second week of Organized Team Activities.

Still working with what would technically be the third team offense, Bridgewater admitted that upon his return he was a little rusty but was excited to be back with his teammates.

"Anytime I have to miss practice it doesn't feel good," Bridgewater explained Thursday afternoon. "To be able to come back, it's just great to be here with my teammates. These past couple days have been pretty good, the guys are flying around and the wide receivers have been making some plays. Everybody just seems to be getting better."

Day-by-day, Teddy will certainly grow and acclimate himself to the speed and the style of play in the NFL. Through the whirlwind of the NFL Draft and into the teams OTAs, the biggest adjustment for him has been redefining the things he knew from college to better fit the talent present in the NFL.

"The biggest challenge is anticipating throws," Bridgewater said. "In college, open was ten feet and now in the NFL open can be a couple inches. Just being more decisive and anticipating throws more. I feel that I've been doing a great job learning from Matt and Christian and also coach Turner. He's been teaching me, just throw it on time, trust your feet and everything will happen."

Teddy did take to the field during the team's 11-on-11 two-minute drills connecting on a deep bomb to Jarius Wright and ultimately leading the offense into the end zone for it's lone two-minute drill score of the day. Still, there are the moments where a ball is thrown behind the receiver or the defender closes the gap faster than anticipated. Learning for Teddy is surely going to come with some bumps and bruises along the way.

Thankfully, Bridgewater seems to have his head screwed on straight and is surrounding himself with those who can help bridge the gap.

"Right now my focus is just on getting better," Teddy said. "I'm just learning. Learning from Matt [Cassel]. Matt, he's the veteran right now and I'm noticing things he's doing when he's in the huddle. I'm taking notes from him...It's very interesting to learn from those guys and learn the mental approach to the game rather than what they do physically."

"Everyday I enter this facility it's a work in progress...I'm trying to get better in every aspect whether it's being a better teammate in the locker room, being a better teammate on the field in the meeting rooms. In the locker room I'm taking notes from guys who have been in the national Football League for years now. Guys like Greg Jennings, Christian Ponder, Matt Cassel, Chad Greenway. Those guys are the leaders of this team and those guys, when they say something it means a lot. I've just been taking notes from those guys and trying to make myself somewhat like those guys."

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