By: Aj Mansour |

Minneapolis, MN - Chris Kluwe will announce his intentions to file suit against the Minnesota Vikings at his press conference Tuesday morning.

A former Vikings punter, Kluwe brought allegations against the Vikings nearly six months ago claiming that Special Teams coach Mike Priefer had made "homophobic verbal attacks on him as a member of the team in 2012." The team then kicked off an internal investigation before informing Kluwe on Monday that they would not be releasing their investigations' final report to Kluwe or the public.

"It's transparently obvious to me that the Vikings are covering up the truth," said Kluwe's attorney Clayton Halunen. "We have no choice but to litigate at this point. Kluwe willingly cooperated with the Vikings' investigation - all he ever wanted was for the truth to come out. 

"It's outrageous to me that the Vikings would choose to hide the facts of the investigation from me and from their fans," Kluwe said.

It is Kluwe's belief that he was blackballed by the organization and in turn, the NFL for his outspoken stance on gay marriage rights.

"Minnesota Vikings fans are the real losers in this sad affair," Kluwe said. "The fans deserve to know that what I said about Priefer and the way the Vikings let me go was the truth. I was persecuted and then fired for standing up for what I believe in, all because some small-minded, bigoted people think that homophobia is okay in the NFL. It is not okay, and now it seems like we'll have to go to court to force the Vikings to admit that.