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Coaches Notebook: Tuesday, August 5th

Posted August 5th, 2014 @ 7:52pm

By: Aj Mansour

Mankato, MN - Transition week continued on Tuesday as the Minnesota Vikings began shifting gears from Training Camp mode into more of what would a normal game preparation mode. With Friday's preseason kickoff looming just over the horizon, Tuesday we had an opportunity to hear from defensive coordinator George Edwards and offensive coordinator Norv Turner.

Here's an overview of what the coaches had to say...


Adding Crocker adds an on the field leader...
Monday afternoon the Vikings signed veteran safety Chris Crocker, a man who has had six years of previous history playing under coach Mike Zimmer and this defensive scheme. "He's been a major part [of Zimmer's defense]," Edwards said of Crocker. "His skill set allows you to move him around and anytime you have a guy with that flexibility at that position it helps you especially when you get in the 46 [man roster] on game day."

Jasper Brinkley gets nod at MLB, Audie Cole moved back inside to backup MLB...
The Vikings released their first depth chart of the preseason and veteran LB Jasper Brinkley will anchor the middle of the Vikings defense Friday versus the Raiders while Audie Cole, formerly playing OLB, will back him up at MLB. "Jasper has done a good job with alignments and assignments," Edwards explained. 

Anthony Barr with number ones in base and nickel formations...
Also of note on the team's depth chart was rookie LB Anthony Barr who is currently slotted in to start with the defense in both the base and nickel formations on Friday. "We have used [Anthony] in a lot of different roles," Edwards said. "You saw him dropping, you saw him rushing, you saw him playing the end of the line of scrimmage, you saw him in a four down front rushing, playing the run and those kind of things...we are pleased of where is at right now as we keep progressing."


Norv doesn't believe that Teddy has been struggling the way the media is reporting it...
It's easy for the fans in the stands or the media on the sidelines to grab onto a few interceptions or bad passes and make a fleeting judgement on Teddy's progression under center. As for Norv Turner, he believes Teddy is doing just fine. "I just have a different perspective than all you," Turner explained after morning walk-thrus. "We are doing a lot of things [out there]. There's things that we're doing with Teddy that we would never call in a game. We're trying to find out where he's at in terms of what he can do. I think he's playing at an awfully high level. Those two guys have, in competitive situations have both had over 150 passes, each of them. That's 300, that's over half a season and they've each thrown three interceptions. One of them for each guy was a bad quarterback decision. One of them for each guy was a receiver either fell down or ran a poor route. One of them, I thought was a great play. If you throw three interceptions in 150 attempts, you're playing at a high level. Now there's not full speed rush, it's not like a game but I'm excited about what Teddy's doing."

MIKE ZIMMER (bonus coaches session):

Head coach Mike Zimmer held an extra coaches session after practice today where he shed a little light on what we might see as far as playing time on Friday against the Raiders. Not mincing words, Zimmer said we would "probably" see the first team for more than one series. That Adrian Peterson "probably would not" suit up with his teammates on Friday. And he claimed that we'll likely see a "good amount of Teddy" against the Raiders. 

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