Photos - Hannah Foslien (Getty Images)

By: Aj Mansour |

Mankato, MN - You may have heard over the past few days of Vikings Training Camp how the quarterbacks, in particular Teddy Bridgewater, have run into a few struggles. There have been a few interceptions, some miscommunications and a bad pass here or there. With Twitter delivering instant news and the blog-news format pumping out story and story, knee jerk reactions are sure to be made.

This is precisely why it was encouraging to hear Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner come out this afternoon and set the record straight about Teddy's progression. It probably won't surprise you much, but he's been much more encouraged with Teddy's success on the field than the majority of the media.

"I just have a different perspective than all you," Turner explained after morning walk-thrus. "We are doing a lot of things [out there]. There's things that we're doing with Teddy that we would never call in a game. We're trying to find out where he's at in terms of what he can do. I think he's playing at an awfully high level. Those two guys have, in competitive situations have both had over 150 passes, each of them. That's 300, that's over half a season and they've each thrown three interceptions. One of them for each guy was a bad quarterback decision. One of them for each guy was a receiver either fell down or ran a poor route. One of them, I thought was a great play. If you throw three interceptions in 150 attempts, you're playing at a high level. Now there's not full speed rush, it's not like a game but I'm excited about what Teddy's doing."

"We're not going to win every play. If we hadn't thrown any interceptions, you'd be wanting to know what's wrong with the defense and why aren't we intercepting more balls. It's us against a pretty good defense right now, I think they're getting better and it's been extremely competitive."

So what does Turner expect to see from the rookie quarterback as he steps onto the field for his first NFL action in Friday night's preseason game against the Oakland Raiders?

"In their first time playing, in particular for Teddy, I just want to see him manage the game. He doesn't have to be sensational. He needs to make good decisions, he needs to protect the ball, get our group in and out of the huddle, get us into the right play, get us into the right protection. That's the biggest thing about managing a game...for a young guy, his hearts going to be pounding, he's going to have butterflies but I will too."

"We need to play Teddy with the first line, we need to mix a lot of players. We're still trying to work that out in terms of how we're going to do it. We want to see Teddy play, he needs to play to get through that first time going out."

It's continuing to sound like Matt Cassel will get the start on Friday night, but with the number ones only getting two or three drives, we're sure to see a good dose of Teddy against the Raiders. With all eyes on him and the pressures of a QB starved fan base bearing down, it will be interesting to see how the kid reacts to the moment.