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By: Aj Mansour | KFAN.com

Minneapolis, MN - Hours after hoisting the Lombardi Trophy inside the Super Dome in New Orleans, Baltimore Ravens center and former Minnesota Viking Matt Birk hopped on the phone and called in to chat with his buddies on The Power Trip Morning Show.

Birk, who had yet to go to sleep following the Ravens win, was fresh off of his exit physical with team doctors and despite the lack of shut eye, was clearly still on cloud nine!

"It's a heck of a deal," Birk told the Power Trip. "I'm just trying to make this day last as long as I can and kind of frame it to put it in perspective later."

Birk, a St. Paul native, headed east to Baltimore after the 2008 season when the Vikings decided it was time to move on with the 24-year old John Sullivan. Four years later, Matt Birk is a Super Bowl champion.

"I'm just happy to be here every year that I'm in the NFL," Birk said. "It never gets old going to work for an NFL team and playing on Sundays. No matter how great you are, nobody's entitled to playing in a Super Bowl or winning a Super Bowl."

Outside of the final outcome in yesterday's game, the other headline stealing story was the power outage that delayed the third quarter by nearly 40 minutes as electricity was restored. According to Birk, both the Ravens and the NFL dodged a bullet coming out with the victory after that fiasco.

"Wouldn't that have been terrible if we had lost that game [after the lights went out]," Birk commented. "That would have been tragic...When you get up 28-6 you kind of hoping, 'maybe we can blow them out and get this thing over with early.' But we weren't surprised when they made a comeback and we were playing for our lives there at the end. We were fortunate. I really think we made literally one more play than they did and that's why we won the game."

After exchanging opening pleasantries the guys and Birk got down to business. What does the future look like for Matt Birk in the NFL?

"I don't know, I'm just enjoying the moment," Birk explained. "The one thing I've learned, you know me Chris, I am not a bright guy but the one thing I know is this, don't make any decisions before you have to."

"I normally take week off after the season and then I start working out again. Guys with not a lot of talent, that's what they have to do in the NFL. In a week, maybe two weeks I'll figure it out and see what's going on. My mind set is, I'm playing until I'm not. With all that being said, hey man, I'm just a guy, I'm just a guy that's happy to be a part of this, to be experiencing this moment right now."

While the long-term future for Birk is still up in the air, short term his week is planned out to a "T". Today at 1pm, wheels up as the Ravens head back home to Baltimore. Tuesday afternoon, parade through downtown Baltimore. Wednesday through Saturday, some hard earned rest and relaxation.

"I'm like a surfer man, I'm just riding the wave. When this party ends, it ends and that will be that. It's a pretty cool deal."

Listen to the entire interview with Matt Birk in the player below or CLICK HERE to download the podcast.