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By: Aj Mansour | KFAN.com

Eden Prairie, MN - It's official! We are a month or so into Training Camp and there is already someone firmly planted inside the doghouse of first year head coach Mike Zimmer!

Any guesses?

If you guessed cornerback Josh Robinson, you are correct! Still listed as the co-number one cornerback on the left side with Captain Munnerlyn, Robinson has missed the past week or so of practices due to injury. Last week, Zimmer won over fans with what could be called the quote of camp when he was talking about Josh Robinson's chances of making the team and he said, "you can't make the club in the tub." Today, Zimmer continued with another zinger, this time visibly and audibly showing his frustrations with the situation.

Asked about the practice statuses for Robert Blanton and Josh Robinson today at Winter Park, Zimmer responded by saying, "Blanton's going to go today. And the other guy? Who knows?"

If the quote wasn't enough, the body language did the rest of the talking. Rolling his eyes and waving his hand through the air showed plenty of the disgust that he is dealing with right now.

A few moments earlier, Zimmer also noted that unless something drastically changes, Captain Munnerlyn will be the Vikings starting corner opposite of Xavier Rhodes for week one.

It's tough to figure out exactly how to read into Zimmer's frustrations surrounding Robinson. It would be tough to believe that he's frustrated over the hamstring injury itself. People get hurt, especially in this game. What it tells me is that there's something behind the scenes that has gotten stuck in coach's craw. Maybe Robinson isn't rehabbing fast enough? Maybe he isn't showing the level of toughness that Zimmer requires? All we really know is that Josh is not on coach's good side right now.

Despite the frustrations, Robinson is unlikely to be cut when the roster trims down to 75-men next week. He's too talented to just throw away. That said, it's very clear that Coach is doing his best to send a message to Josh through the media.

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