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For as long as football has been a game, injuries have been a big part of it. As players become bigger, faster and stronger, the collisions are bigger, faster and harder! And when injuries creep up during the preseason, they often come as a big slap in the face.

During week 7 of the 2013 season St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford tore the ACL in his left knee. After months of rehab and a long road to recovery Bradford tore the same ligament this weekend in the Rams third preseason game.

“Unfortunately I can confirm that we have lost Sam [Bradford] for the year,” head coach Jeff Fisher said Sunday. “Sam suffered and injury to the reconstructed knee that he had done less than a year ago…We lost our starting quarterback but for Sam personally it’s devastating.”

With Bradford gone for the entire season, the Rams now turn to journeyman veteran Shaun Hill the man the helm at quarterback.

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