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Minneapolis, MN - One day after setting the league on fire when it comes to the fraternity that is the NFL, former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe joined KFAN and The Power Trip Morning show to address some of the follow up questions and comments made by Vikings players and coaches.

While the platform was there for Kluwe to share his thoughts, it was former linebacker and Kluwe's former special teams teammate Ben Leber who brought the heavy and went after Kluwe's delivery of the message.

"It was a story that I wanted to tell," Kluwe said in regards to his allegations against special teams coordinator Mike Priefer. "This is stuff that still goes on and stuff that still happens. As a society we need to address that and hopefully change it so it doesn't happen to other people."

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While Leber plainly stated that he agreed with the message that Kluwe was sharing, he also shared that he had issue with the way that it was delivered. In particular the timing of waiting until his career was over to support an issue he reportedly is in such favor of.

"It's kind of one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't situations," Kluwe said in response to Leber. "I left it for a year because I didn't want to bring my teammates, my former teammates, into the mess and I wanted to prove that I could still punt in the NFL...if you badmouth a coach, you're done. You're not going to play again."

Kluwe's allegations claim that the most damning comments, regarding nuking homosexuals, was in Kluwe's words (from his original article) made in a "specialist meeting." Specialist meetings are typically small gatherings between the three specialists, punter, kicker and long-snapper.

The Vikings kicker in 2012, Blair Walsh already came out and made a public statement calling Kluwe's allegations "reprehensible" leaving long-snapper Cullen Loeffler as the lone witness that Kluwe is referencing. Still, Kluwe would not name the player(s) that were witness to Priefer's alleged comments.

"If we get to legal proceedings that will come out," Kluwe claimed. "If Mike Priefer vehemently denies that this happened and feels that I have slandered his good name, then I strongly encourage him to bring forth a defamation suit and he can have his day in court and we'll see what happens."

When asked flat out if he thought that he is unemployed and out of the NFL today because of his stance on gay marriage, Kluwe agreed.

"There's this disconnect between somehow it's bad what I did," Kluwe explained. "Speaking out about same-sex rights and using aggressive language [is wrong]. Yet somehow, if you do the same thing and break the law, or drink and drive or hit your wife, that's okay? Where does that make sense? There are a couple of felons in the league."

No matter the letter that came out yesterday, the conversations that were had today or the proceedings that will surely happen going into the future, the damage (mainly against Mike Priefer's career) has already been done. Whether it's deserved or not, Priefer will have a hard time getting another coaching job in the NFL. According to Kluwe's own words ("to make sure that Mike Priefer never holds a coaching position again in the NFL, and ideally never coaches at any level) his mission was accomplished. Today, he elaborated on that idea.

"I'm not out to ruin his career," Kluwe said on KFAN. "I just don't think he should coach in the NFL. I don't think he's an appropriate role model for children or adults to watch. It's about treating people the right way. It's about not firing someone simply because you don't believe the same things they believe in."

CLICK HERE to listen to the entire KFAN interview with former Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe...

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