By: Aj Mansour |

Minneapolis, MN - Just as many have speculated, the situation surround Chris Kluwe and the Minnesota Vikings is getting MUCH uglier before it gets better.

With the public release of the findings of the investigative report coming Friday evening, Kluwe has opened a whole other set of issues threatening to bring light to "issues" that were covered up by the Vikings during Chris' time with the team.

However, there is seemingly more dirt and more substantial evidence to the story that Kluwe and his attorney are leaving out as well.

In an email obtained from a source close to the situation, Kluwe's representation suggested against bringing the full report to light. The email, sent from Clayton Halunen to Christopher Madel, a Minneapolis attorney that was one of the people conducting the investigation, on July 8th is an attempt to convince Kluwe to allow the findings to stay private.

"The more I think about it I believe it would be a mistake [to go public] for a number of reasons," Halunen said. "First, the Vikings have never made any commitment to make any investigation report public. The only commitment made was that my client's allegations would be thoroughly investigated."

The email went on to say that public disclosure could open "Pandora's box".

"I think a much more prudent course of action would be to provide some sort of Executive Summary that would provide the public with the substantive findings and recommendations."

Tonight the Vikings provided such an executive summary and Kluwe took to twitter stirring the pot in some huge ways!

It's safe to say this story is only starting to unfold. Stick with The FAN for all of the latest.