By: Aj Mansour |

Minneapolis, MN - The Minnesota Vikings did not flinch when Teddy Bridgewater cracked under the pressure of the national spotlight during his disappointing Pro Day. When the opportunity came for them to move back up to the 32nd spot in the first round, they acted fast and took their guy.

"We feel very strongly about Teddy Bridgewater," GM Rick Spielman said after the selection. "He just seems to have that knack of when he's in pressure situations being able to come through it."

When the Vikings saw Bridgewater falter during his pro day, they weren't convinced. Spielman had watched him play live three times and Turner a handful of others. What they saw in those game situations was very different from what Teddy did at the Pro Day.

"We felt very strongly about meeting with Teddy the next day [after his pro day]," Spielman said. "We went back down there one more time and to see him react to Norv [Turner] coaching him was remarkable."

During their second visit with the Vikings Teddy opted to throw with his glove on, something he decided to not do on his pro day. According to the Vikings the difference was night and day.

"Some of the flaws you had seen during the original pro day, as soon as he was coached you could see that getting better," Spielman said. 

Feeling better about the situation on the field, the Vikings started getting the same sense in the meeting rooms as well.

During his sit down meeting with Teddy, Coach Zimmer flat out asked him where he would like to end up after the draft. Teddy's answer shocked the first year head coach.

"He looked at me and said 'I think the Minnesota Vikings is the place for me'," Zimmer recalled from their meeting. "'This is the place I want to go,' he said and I believed him."

With the on the field situation vetted and the off the field situation in control it's time to start speculating what his role with be with the team? According to Zimmer and Spielman, they are in no hurry to get him out on the field. 

"Teddy will play when we feel like he's ready and if he's the best guy," Zimmer said. "We always want to have competition on our football team."

In 2013 Teddy Bridgewater threw for 3,970 yards and 31 TDs. He completed 70.96% of his passes and had a pass efficiency rating of 171.1, fifth best in the nation.