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By: Aj Mansour |

Eden Prairie, MN - It's easy for those of us on the sidelines and those who are sitting on their couch at home, to provide a diagnosis or a descriptive style for what the Vikings new offensive scheme will look like under Norv Turner. In fact, some of the so-called "arm-chair quarterbacks" may actually be on to something with their analysis. That said, we will never really be able to understand or know exactly what is going on inside Norv's mind. What was supposed to happen on that broken play? What is he trying to install during mini camps? Or what is his vision for success with this particular offensive group.

Wednesday morning at Winter Park, we got what will maybe be the best glimpse at this stage in the race, into what Norv is attempting to do with the Vikings. So why should you believe it this time? Because it came right from the horses mouth.

Meeting with the local media for the first time in a long while, maybe since being hired on as offensive coordinator, Turner eluded to some of the plans he has for the Vikings offense and even pointed to some players that we could see featured on a more heavy basis in 2014.

"We want to have a complete offense," Norv explained after the team's morning walkthroughs. "We want to be able to attack the defense's weakness. If that means being a power run team one week, being a spread team another week, being a team that is capable of throwing the ball if they're over playing the run or running the ball if they give you opportunities to run it."

So it sounds like we're going to see a healthy dose of Adrian Peterson (duh), a dash of Cordarrelle Patterson, and a smattering of other offensive weapons like Kyle Rudolph, Greg, Jennings and Jarius Wright.

That doesn't sound much different then last year, right?


Turner made it very clear that part of his decision to come to Minnesota surrounded his external assessment of where this team was offensively stemming from a disappointing season last year. But he looked past the record, past the statistics and analyzed the team on a player-by-player basis. He accepted the job, so he must have been happy with some of what he saw.

A prototypical Norv Turner offense has certain characteristics that have moved along with him from his early days in Dallas, off to the San Diego Chargers, into Cleveland for one season and now north to Minnesota and the Vikings.

"There's a big part of this offense that is the same and is sound and will always be the same," Norv said Wednesday. "But we try to do some things, look at people that are having success offensively and modernize this offense a little bit, update it a little bit."


Let's take a quick look at Norv's most recent stop to see if we can learn a little more about this modernization he may be looking at.

Although Norv's tenure in Cleveland only laster for one season, you could already see his offensive schemes transforming the Browns aerial attack.

Year to year, Norv increased the passing attack by nearly 600 yards and 10 touchdowns. Do so with a suspended star wide receiver, a no-name running back and a hodgepodge group of quarterbacks that seemingly rotated on a weekly basis.

Looking at the players that were featured in Turner's Cleveland offense, you can start to see some similarities and even some improvements here in Minnesota. Josh Gordon was a hybrid between Cordarrelle Patterson and Jerome Simpson, Jordan Cameron has similar attributes to Kyle Rudolph. But then there's Willis McGahee who is on a completely different, and far inferior planet to that of Adrian Peterson.

"We have a lot of good young players that I think will become guys that are household names in the future because they are talented guys," Turner claimed. "We have put together a playbook that we like a lot and we think it can help our guys get in space, help our guys have success."

We've already seen some of Turner's modernization showcase itself through OTAs and mini camp. Utilizing Peterson in the passing game will be big. Finding ways to get the ball into Patterson's hand will be huge.

"If you're paying attention, obviously, football and the NFL is evolving," Turner continued. "I'm not saying that it's changing cuz you better be able to block, you better be able to tackle, you better be able to throw and catch and you better be fundamentally sound. There's some things as I said that we looked hard at that we can get more people involved with the offense and we can spread the field better and we can take advantage of some of our guys with some things that we've that we've watched other people do."

The big question now, is what exactly will this evolution look like for the Minnesota Vikings? Maybe we'll learn a little more in Training Camp, but likely, we'll all be on the edge of our seats when the regular season kicks off this fall!

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