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By: Aj Mansour |

Mankato, MN - There's a lot that goes into Training Camp in the NFL, especially behind the scenes. We've been beating the Xs and Os pretty hard for the first few days so I figured it was a good time to take a little different approach and learn a little more about Vikings Training Camp from the people that make it run and pull the strings behind the scene.

Let's take a look at the 2014 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp through some of the crazy numbers that have been thrown around so far.

5  53-FOOT TRAILERS and one 26 foot box truck full of gear transported to Mankato this year for Training Camp. Most of the trucks also made multiple trips to and from Winter Park.

6 FAX MACHINES installed throughout the facilities to transfer documents when the team goes through a process similar to the one where they just signed Kyle Rudolph to a new contract.

14 PALLETS OF GATORADE DELIVERED to the practice facility for players. Roughly comes out to be 12,000 bottles and a second delivery is on its way.

16 VIDEOS POSTED ON DAY ONE to by KFAN contributor Mike Wobschall.

20-FOOT ABOVE GROUND POOL transformed into a giant ice tub for the players after practice. Dozens of bags of ice are loaded into the modified swimming tub to drop the temperature to the desired temperature.

30 GOLF CARTS PUT INTO SERVICE including people movers, cargo movers and medical and equipment carts.

35 LOADS OF LAUNDRY A DAY for the equipment team, each weighing approximately 75-90 pounds.

50 TVS RENTED FOR THE MONTH spread throughout meeting rooms, commons areas and dorm rooms for team and player use.

58 SECURITY GUARDS on site with various responsibilities. All of them faster than they look!

120 TREK MOUNTAIN BIKES supplied on a yearly basis for players/coaches/staff to get around campus.

125 MINI FRIDGES brought onto campus for players/coaches/staff dorm rooms.

133 MATTRESSES AND BOX SPRINGS delivered to dorms for players/coaches/staff. Most of them queen size, but some first-year players and rookies draw the short straw for a California Twin (long twin bed).

700 5-GALLON JUGS OF WATER delivered for use on the field and with practice field water machines.

1,051 PHOTOS TAKEN AT YESTERDAY'S PRACTICE by official Vikings photographer Andy Kenutis including the SWEET pic of AP above! You can find Andy's work at or on Instagram at @MinnesotaVikings & @VikingsPhotog.

12,000 BOTTLES OF WATER delivered for players on and off the field hydration with a second order pending.

As you can see, there's a whole heck of a lot that goes into Training Camp in the NFL. Kudos to Paul Martin and his staff for coordinating everything and for running Training Camp to perfection!