By: Aj Mansour |

Mankato, MN - Week two saw a little bit of movement of the Vikings imaginary depth chart. I call it imaginary because Zimmer has not shared when he will release an official depth chart, so I put my imagination to work, pulled knowledge and memories of what I saw this week and pumped out the week two offensive depth chart!

Analysis inserted below if necessary.

(1) Matt Cassel
(2) Teddy Bridgewater
(3) Christian Ponder

While Cassel is still supplanted as the number one quarterback, the duo have been splitting reps with the first team offense and day-by-day Teddy's first team exposure is increasing. To say that Teddy has looked sharp with the first team so far would be a lie, but growing pains and adjustments need to be made. If he's going to make them, it would be better to have them being made with the first team offense.

(1) Adrian Peterson
(2) Matt Asiata
(3) Jerick McKinnon
(4) Joe Banyard
(5) Dominique Williams

No real changes at the top, however I would say that we've seen rookie RB Jerick McKinnon jump up from what would be the fourth team RB to the third RB behind Peterson and Asiata. This was obviously to be expected

(1) Jerome Felton
(2) Zach Line

Still Jerome Felton and Zach Line when we're talking about pure fullbacks here. However, it's worthy to not that this week was "versatility" week at Vikings Training Camp, the week where the coaches regularly harped on the value of players filling multiple roles. When you think about it that way, you need to throw guys like Matt Asiata (RB/FB) or Rhett Ellison (TE/FB) should be considered here as well.

"X" WIDE RECEIVER (on the line)
(1) Cordarrelle Patterson
(2) Jerome Simpson
(3) Rodney Smith 
(4) Kamar Jordan
(5) Donte Foster 
(6) Andy Cruse

"Z" WIDE RECEIVER (off the line)
(1) Greg Jennings
(2) Jarius Wright 
(3) Adam Thielen 
(4) Kain Colter
(5) Erik Lora
(6) Ty Walker

WIDE RECEIVERS - Standing pat on the wide receiver front but one player to note should be Kain Colter. The former Northwestern quarterback gone wide receiver would be a player to watch if a Jerome Simpson suspension were to come down. The battle for the fifth wide receiver spot will likely be between Rodney Smith and Kain Colter.

(1) Kyle Rudolph
(2) Rhett Ellison
(3) AC Leonard
(4) Mike Higgins
(5) Allen Reisner

I was about ready to bump AC Leonard ahead of Ellison this week, but then Leonard went ahead and missed the final two or three practices of the week with what's being called "headaches". They obviously like what Leonard has been doing on the field.

(1) Matt Kalil
(2) Antonio Richardson
(3) Kevin Murphy

(1) Charlie Johnson
(2) David Yankey (r)
(3) Austin Wentworth

(1) John Sullivan
(2) Joe Berger
(3) Zac Kerin

(1) Brandon Fusco
(2)Vladimir Ducasse
(3) Jeff Baca

(1) Phil Loadholt
(2) Mike Remmers
(3) Pierce Burton

Coaches have been stressing consistency along the line so not a whole lot of movement across the top with the first-line. Rookie guard David Yankey continues to be a player to watch.