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Photo - Aj Mansour (KFAN)

By: Aj Mansour | KFAN.com

Mankato, MN - The end is near and the notebook is full! The second to last padded practice of Training Camp 2013 is in the books and you're "Day 14 Training Camp Notes" are ripe for the picking! Check it out below, some of the highlights of the days activities in Mankato, MN.

Joe Webb, focused on WR but not quite ready to let go of QB...
Had the opportunity for a bit of a candid conversation with Joe Webb this morning following the team's walkthroughs. Webb, who is in the midst of converting from quarterback to wide receiver, said that while his focus is set on becoming the best WR he can be, he's not planning on letting go of his QB skills quite yet.

"I'm always going to hold on to [QB]," Webb said Tuesday. "You never know what will happen. That's the upside that I've got that I can continue to play the quarterback but right now my focus is at receiver."

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Players get night off, Frazier takes them to the movies...
I thought it a bit of a weird scene Monday night when dozens and dozens of Vikings players began biking down Stadium Road in Mankato headed East at about 7:30 in the evening. Turns out they were all heading to the movie theater down the road, as ordered by head coach Leslie Frazier!

"We had a chance to get a break from meetings last night," Frazier explained after Tuesday morning's walkthrough. "We took them out to a movie and they kind of liked that. It was a chance to break things up a little bit and still try to create the team bonding and chemistry that we're trying to create while we're down here at Minnesota State."

The movie of choice, Red 2, the choice of Frazier himself after movies the past few seasons were not of his liking!

Michael Mauti sits from practice with a sore knee...
Rookie LB Michael Mauti is in the midst of a comeback trail from a torn ACL for the third time in his young football career. After suffering his most recent knee injury in 2012, Mauti's status and football future was completely up in the air. Mauti, who in some polls was voted as a first-team All-American, fell and was drafted in the seventh round by the Minnesota Vikings. Today marks the first, and only notable, setback in his recovery so far.

In his regular press conference, Leslie Frazier said Mauti's knee was "a little sore" following Monday's practice and they decided to give him the day off today to rest.

No plans in place for Cordarrelle Patterson to work with first team offense...
Despite becoming an overnight sensation amongst Minnesota Vikings fans, there are no current plans in place to get wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson reps with Christian Ponder and the first-team offense this Friday in Buffalo.

"That's not the plan this week," Leslie Frazier said Tuesday. "Injuries could change things but we're not going in saying that you're going to work with the first unit on this drive or the first unit on the third drive or whatever.

Patterson, who returned a kick for 50-yards and reeled in 4 catches for 54 Friday night against Houston, is still adjusting to the NFL and still working on adopting the Vikings offensive scheme.

"It's a combination of where we think he is and where we think the players working with the first unit, where they are," Frazier said. "There's nothing that's going on right now to say that the guys that are working with the first unit should not be working with the first unit. We're going to get some snaps over the next few weeks with our first unit so we'll be able to determine are those guys the right guys to be working with the first unit."

Frazier says "mindset" is the biggest hurdle for rookie punter Jeff Locke...
The Vikings are no stranger to laboring through the adjustment period with rookie special teamers, but a punter, that's a little more concerning of a situation.

"I'm not nervous," Frazier said of having a rookie punter in 2013. ". It's one of those things that we talked extensively about prior to the draft...we believe that Jeff is going to do a great job for us. He was an outstanding collegiate kicker and we expect him to be an excellent punter for us here in the NFL."

Frazier went on to say that beside the speed of the game, the biggest hurdle Locke will need to jump over this season is his "mindset."

"The magnitude, the weight of every punt [is important]," Frazier explained. "It's hard to get up on someone three touchdowns in our game but when you're down seven points or ten points in the fourth quarter, field position once again matters. It's a different mindset at our level."

Vikings expect to lean on youth for depth in 2013...
It used to be that in the NFL teams were afforded the opportunity to draft players and have them sit behind veteran starters to observe and learn the ways of the league. That's not the case anymore. If you are a highly touted young player, especially one that was drafted in the first round, you're almost expected to come in your rookie season and have an impact. In Minnesota, you may not have much of a choice but to come in and have an impact.

Young depth has become a common occurrence with the Vikings and according to Leslie Frazier, it will have a big impact on the team's success in 2013.

"Our depth is young," Frazier said. "It's not like we have a ton of veterans that have the upper position. You almost have to play young guys and it's just a matter of our being able to get those young guys up to speed to play at an NFL level and play well...We're going to play young guys at some key positions."

That group of youngsters will include first round picks Xavier Rhodes, Sharrif Floyd and Cordarrelle Patterson along with a cavalcade of others including Gerald Hodges, Michael Mauti and Jeff Locke.

"There are going to be some growing pains, that's just the way that it is in our league."

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