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By: Aj Mansour |

St. Paul, MN - With one redirective bounce of a puck, the Minnesota Wild's 2013-2014 season came to a screeching halt. With fans still lingering, completely stunned in their seats, the Wild players lined up to shake hands with the Blackhawks and headed back into the locker room dejected, still shocked.

Two days later, head coach Mike Yeo met with the media to tie a nice pretty bow around what has to be considered a successful season within the State of Hockey.

Below is a brief outline of some of the subjects that Yeo broached Tuesday afternoon.

Reactions to Game 6:
To be perfectly honest, I'm still a little bit bitter," Yeo said. "There's still a little bit of disbelief...I'm surprised I haven't gone down there and broken the damned thing...You heard that and you knew that the puck was going to be changing see the puck's coming around the boards and the puck is on it's way to a place so we're in a puck support mindset right there. We're moving towards where the puck is going to give ourselves a chance to get that puck out. We're not in a defensive posture or structure, that's not our thought. Once it happened there was very little reaction time."

Looking forward to next year:
I feel like we took some positive steps," Yeo claimed. "The belief that we can beat anybody. We have an end result in mind here and that's to win the Stanley Cup. We've been building towards that and we should feel that that's an attainable goal for us...We could have [won the cup] this year...I know it's hard but we could have...I believe that we've taken some real steps towards that goal."

Player injury update:
"Guys are getting physicals right now," Yeo said. "I have to get back a few more reports. Obviously this year, most guys are dealing with something. A lot of guys were battling through things...It's hard to win, there's a price that has to be paid. When you see your guys paying that price, it's really impressive to us."

On development of young players:
"The real potential for growth with our team is with our young players. As our young players continue to get better, our team will continue to get better. That has to be a focus for us."

On the status of his coaching future:
I talked to Chuck this morning and we'll meet next week on that," Yeo said of his contract negotiations. "There hasn't been a conversation where he said that but there's been sort of every indication. We've talked about plans going forward."