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Minneapolis, MN - Having handled much of the team's business yesterday with the trade to acquire backup goalie Ilya Bryzgalov, Minnesota Wild general manager Chuck Fletcher found some free time on the day of the NHL's trading deadline to call in and chat with KFAN's Paul Allen about the state of the team.

At the time of the interview there was just over four hours left in the 2014 trading window, but Fletcher seemed unphased.

"We're comfortable with where we're at," Fletcher explained. "Obviously if we can upgrade somehow, we will look to do that."

The 2014 trade deadline has a bit of a different feel from the same time one year ago. Taking their first spin with Zach Parise and Ryan Suter, the Wild were sitting on the outside looking in at the playoffs one year ago today. It was no secret that as the deadline loomed the Wild were eagerly working the phones in search of a team that was willing to part with top flight talent.

"It's certainly a lot different feel than last year when we knew that we were sort of aggressively pursuing some high-end talent," Fletcher remembered. "We ended up getting Jason Pominville and we were prepared to pay a big price, and we did. We're fortunate we traded for him, we're happy we traded for him and that he signed with us long term. This year has a much different feel. If something makes sense, we'll do it but we're not nearly as aggressive as we were last year."

Assessing the state of the team today, Fletcher made it very clear that as the deadline gets closer, he is prepared to listen, but is unlikely to be out on the market doing much shopping.

"We're not actively looking to move anybody off our team," Fletcher told KFAN's Paul Allen. "If we can upgrade in a position somewhere it may mean moving somebody else to stay under that salary cap. [That said,] I think we'd be really happy if at the end of the day we had the same roster that we do this morning. We're not actively shopping anybody right now."

The NHL trade deadline is 2pm (central standard) later this afternoon.

Listen to the full interview with Wild General Manager Chuck Fletcher in the player below...

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