By: Patrick Knight | @patknightk102

Patience is a virtue. We have all heard that saying at some point during our lives. Another saying I am sure you have heard is - good things happen to those who wait. I could go on with other philosophical sayings, but the point is that if the Minnesota Wild is going to have any chance at beating the Chicago Blackhawks in their opening round playoff series, they are going to need to be patient.

“You have to stay in the moment. It’s easy to get carried away if you have a bad shift to let it slide into the next one,” said Ryan Suter.

His teammate Zach Parise agrees on needing to be patient.

“They are a team that doesn’t give up a lot of opportunities against them. I think the more patient we can be, the better off we can be.” He added that, “They play well at home. We can’t give up quality chances and need to play smart without the puck.”

In addition, a few of the key elements for the Wild are getting pucks deep, creating sustained forechecks, getting the puck out of the zone and capitalizing on scoring chances. It seems like a daunting task but the Wild just needs to stay focused on playing their game against the Blackhawks.

 “They have got a lot of depth and even if you do a great job with the top of their lineup, they have other guys that if you are not up to task, it will come back to bite you,” said head coach Mike Yeo.

Another key for the young Wild will be able to forget about a bad shift or game and move on to the next task at hand. Suter says that is very important this time of year.

“There are a lot of ups and downs. You are going to have good shifts and you are going to have bad shifts. If you have a bad shift, you have to get right back on the horse and make sure the next one isn’t bad. You can’t let things slide. You have to stay level-headed.’’

He used former Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback, Brett Favre, in an analogy.

“He (Favre) would throw an interception and then the next play he goes out and makes a great pass. That is the mindset we need to have.”

How will it all turn out? We will find out soon enough. Game one of the Wild and Blackhawks can be heard tonight at 7pm on 100.3FM KFAN and at