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By: Bennett Smed |

Now that the Lebron James decision has been made and the NBA is no longer on pins and needles about where the king will play his basketball for the next two years, the focus has shifted back to Kevin Love. There are three viable options for the Timberwolves if they choose to move Love, ill discuss them and you decide which one sounds best.

1. Cavaliers
Could a new “Big 3” be in the works? With Lebron now back in Cleveland and Kyrie Irving emerging as not just the best “young” point guard in the league, but one of the best guards regardless of age, the addition of Kevin Love could be exactly what the Cavs need to win a title.

The reported deal on the table as of now includes the overall number one pick of this year’s draft Andrew Wiggins, last year’s number one Anthony Bennett, center Brendan Haywood, and a first round pick. The Wolves would give up Kevin Love and potentially also include shooting guard Kevin Martin. Now the obvious focal point of the deal for the Wolves would be to receive Wiggins, but Anthony Bennett would be a nice addition. He has slimmed down during the off-season, and has been showing major signs of improvement in the Las Vegas Summer League.

A potential starting lineup for the Wolves if this exact trade happens could include Ricky Rubio at the point, Chase Budinger at the 2 (for now, insert Zach Lavine or Cory Brewer), Wiggins at the small forward, with Gorgui Dieng and Nikola Pekovic at the frontcourt spots. This would leave a bench that includes Corey Brewer, Zach Lavine, Glenn Robinson III, Anthony Bennett, JJ Barea, and Shabazz Muhammad. Doesn’t sound too bad does it?

2. Warriors
Less Likely but still possible, the Warriors present a more polished package to the Wolves. Not filled with future potential like the Cav’s deal, but the Warriors would need to give up their prized shooting guard Klay Thompson, forward David Lee, and potentially young forward Harrison Barnes. This package does raise eyebrows though as Thompson is a legit candidate as one of the best shooters in the league and Barnes oozes athleticism.

The Warriors have been cautious to include Thompson in any trade talks, which is one reason this deal didn’t get done a long time ago. With the emergence of Cleveland as a serious potential landing spot for Love, the Warriors have had to take a back seat to Lebron’s new team.

3. Bulls
Chicago may sound like a long shot, but if the Bulls can somehow put together an intriguing package, they could potentially jump the Warriors in the Love pecking order.

The Bulls would have to include their first round pick, Doug Mcdermott. The Wolves have always been very high on Mcdermott, who has been playing very well in summer league, showing that he is more than just a shooter. The Bulls would also likely have to include Taj Gibson, a power forward who would likely fill the void left by Love right away. Another player would also likely be added in the deal for Love, and if the Bulls pulled it off they would immediate be the favorite to win the eastern conference.

The options for the Wolves seem to be pretty solid, and even though a deal has not yet been made, it is believed that Love will not remain with the Wolves for long.

 So you decide, which deal would you like to see the Wolves make for Kevin Love?